High Self-Confidence Feels Great! part 2 of 2

Photo credit:  Denchik

High Self-Confidence Feels Great!  Part 2 of 2

In last month’s article, I shared about how having self-confidence impacts us, the benefits of healthy self-confidence and also some symptoms of low self-confidence.

In this article, you’re invited to discover a process that I call “The Feeling Process”. This is one (of many) ways to you build your self-confidence:

1) Become aware of what belief or behavior you want to change.
Example:  Have less self-criticism

2) Create a replacement belief or behavior and then create a visual representation and/or an affirmation

Example:  The replacement behavior is: Use more positive self-talk.
Visualize a big beautiful red heart that represents positively talking to yourself instead of criticizing yourself.

3) Now imagine this visual representation and/or say the affirmation, and at the same time, feel the emotion of how it feels to have this new belief or behavior.  Just use your imagination and make believe.  Have fun with this! It’s best to do this for a few minutes or more.

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Example:   Visualize the big beautiful red heart coming lovingly towards you.  With intention, feel the emotion of love and appreciation absorbing you.  This emotion can be invoked by thinking of a loved one or remembering a positive experience.
Say positive statements such as “I appreciate you!”

You’ll benefit by doing this daily several times a day.  The more you do this, the better.  It has a cumulative effect too!  So, if this process resonates with you, use it. You’ll love the benefits you receive!

There are other processes and tools that you can use to build your confidence; you’ll find many articles on the internet and also books and workshops.

Here’s to your confidence, joy, empowerment and fun!

As always, many blessings sent to each of you and lots of success in all ways!

Kate Heartsong

Copyright © Catherine Sanks aka Kate Heartsong Joyful Radiance  ©

High Self-Confidence Feels Great!

Photo credit:  Denchik

Happy New Year to EACH of you!  Wishing you joy, peace, love and abundance this year, and always!  Let’s start the new year off with awareness of and living with healthy self-confidence!

Self-confidence is an important foundation for all areas of our lives.  Self-confidence:

– impacts how we interact with others and how we relate to ourselves

– effects how we perform at our jobs or our own business

– is responsible for how easy or hard we experience life changes

– gives us our ability (or inability) to step outside of our comfort zone and try new experiences

– and more
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We all benefit from having a healthy level of self-confidence, whether it’s the type of self-confidence that’s related to self-esteem, related to making life changes, or the confidence related to self-efficacy (the level of confidence you have regarding receiving results from the effort you put out).

Building self-confidence and maintaining this is all an inside job.  It’s up to you to take effective action steps such as learning and using tools and processes.  Be willing to take the bull by the horns.  No one else can do it for you!  In this, and the future confidence articles, I’ll be sharing some valuable tools for you to use.

Some of the symptoms of low self-confidence include frequently saying sorry, feeling depressed, having self-doubt, making mistakes and covering them up so others don’t think bad of you or asking for something you want.

So, you may be asking “How can I raise my self-confidence”?  Well, one of several effective ways is to create a more positive and better belief about yourself.   This is done through affirmations and visualizations, and are much more effective when you feel the emotions that are associated with the new beliefs you want to create.

See next month for Part 2 of 2 of High Self-Confidence Feels Great!

copyright Catherine Sanks Joyful Radiance, LLC ®

Feel Better with Self-Awareness







Photo Credit: ximagination 

Feel Better with Self-Awareness

I had an experienced recently where I was with the group of friends of over 15 years.  We get together several times a year to chat and relax. I became aware that I was coveting my friend Mary and our mutual friend Ann, when I found out they’re traveling together.  This trigger of old memories was mild, but nonetheless, it was there and I was grateful to have this self-awareness!

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When I was a child and a young adult, I used to frequently compare myself to others and also covete what others had or were doing.  This is a sure way to deflate a person’s self-image and not a way to honor ourselves, and I sure had lower self-esteem, partly due to this. Thankfully, I’ve processed, released and healed so much over the years, including coveting and comparing myself. Yet, as we all know, occasionally we get triggered even after our healing work.

The next day, I assessed what happened, and was grateful of my self-awareness.  It inspired me to share with you in today’s blog article how vital it is that we are self-aware and how it can positively influence our self-esteem and confidence.

Self-awareness is key in all areas of your life. You feel better when being mindful and aware of not only your emotions but also your body, thoughts, and words. Why? Because you can shift your consciousness into more positive state.

When you are self-aware of, for example, any deflating or criticizing thoughts about yourself, or find yourself comparing yourself to others, you can stop that from continuing, precisely because you are self aware! And then you can process and release those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive thoughts.  In this way, you’re supporting the health of your self-esteem and confidence and you feel better and uplifted.

Practice self-awareness throughout each day. You can put a reminder bell on your cell phone, associate self-awareness with drinking water or going to the kitchen each time.  There are many easy ways to incorporate reminders to be self-aware.

Through self-awareness, if you find you’re wanting to be more positive, then do so!  Honor yourself by taking a few minutes to intentionally shift into a higher vibrational emotion such as love, respect and kindness though positive words and/or action.  Remember to use your tools to help you feel better and to get centered and balance.

As always, many blessings sent to each of you! Feel free to make a comment here; I love hearing from you!

Kate Heartsong

Joy Within – Raise Your Consciousness


Joy Within – Raise Your Consciousness

Here we are again, with a change of seasons from summer to fall. In Colorado where I live, the weather was comfortable and gorgeous, until yesterday, where the temperature’s dropped 20 degrees and we have grey skies.

I asked myself – will I let this gloomy weather bother me and effect my mood?  It’s easy for me to do this, however I realize I’m responsible for my perspective, thoughts and mood and I choose to create a higher level of consciousness and be happy despite gloomy weather!

This reminds me of how each of us can and do create change with our consciousness.  It’s all in what we focus on, right!?  And what we focus on, through our words, thoughts and actions, does make a difference for ourselves and those around us. And … did you know this also impacts the collective consciousness, of which we an integral part of?  Yes! Each of us impacts the whole!

This is why I’m optimistic that we – working both individually and also together – can make a positive difference for humanity! You see, everything is – at the most basic level of all existence – energy! Our thoughts are even energy. And this is the reason everything is interconnected, and also the reason we impact others and the collective consciousness.

So, I choose to keep my consciousness as high of a vibration as possible. How? Through positive thoughts, words and deeds and meditation.  Certainly I, like everyone, have times of challenge or an occasional upset, and it’s important NOT to ignore that; the key is to acknowledge them and to feel the feelings of those upsets and process them.  Then I use my tools and also will meditate more, so I get back to center, back to joy and balance. And this helps me raise my consciousness to a higher vibration. Remember, higher vibrations such as joy, harmony, respect, gratitude and love are higher vibrational emotions  – and they feel sooo good, yes!?

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Remember you have the power to change your consciousness to a higher vibration.  Here’s one meditation that will help you do this:

Love Essence (This meditation is from my book Humanity’s Cry for Change – Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth):

You are invited to practice a morning meditation focusing on your heart space and having a remembrance of a “love” experience. Love experiences do not mean sexual, but rather, of a warmth and bliss of love, such as what you would feel with a loved one, like a mother or dear friend, or even a pet. For a few minutes or longer, have a sense of appreciation and love as you remember a love experience. Breathe this into your whole being. Now use your imagination that you are pleasantly saturated in this love essence. For example, perhaps you see yourself immersed in sparkles of love and light, or you feel a warm calm energy throughout your whole body. Next, set an intention to carry this feeling with you during the day.

Similar to this love experience meditation, you can bring forth your own love essence from within and then intentionally send this out. This not only raises your vibration but assists those close to you and contributes to the collective consciousness’ state of being. How do you tap into your love essence? One way is that you can imagine a beautiful nature scene or remember the smell of something pleasing or act as if you are with someone you love and trust. Closing your eyes, invoke one of these suggestions and bring it into your heart. Feel it and be with it for a few minutes or longer, bathing in the sensation of this.

You will prolong the benefit of these (and other) exercises by setting an intention to carry the feeling with you as much as possible during the day.

Many blessings sent your way for joy and peace,
Kate Heartsong

copyright © Joyful Radiance, LLC

We Are All One!


We Are All One!

Many have an understanding there is separation among individuals. In some ways this is true. Each one of us has a unique set of traits, gifts, and personality that does distinguish us from others, and this uniqueness is necessary to the whole of life. It is like we are all an individual piece of a whole puzzle, contributing the necessary piece to make the puzzle whole and complete.

Yet, in truth, all of life is interconnected. How? Because at the most elemental level of all life, everything is energy. It is an all-pervasive field of interpenetrating energy that is also called the web, ether, matrix or the field of potentiality. This universal energy is the most basic source of all matter, animate and inanimate. It cannot be cut up because it is actually an energy field. What you observe, with your 3D senses, are pockets of concentrated, denser energy. These are comprised of a certain combination of atoms, which are, of course, also part of the energy field. Atoms emulate and show up as a particular item, such as a table, a mouse, a human, cement, a tree, a mountain, or the moon and stars. – Excerpt from Humanity’s Cry for Change – Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth, by Kate Heartsong

Indeed, we are all one!  Quantum physics, founded by Max Planck in 1900 and expanded upon by physicists such as Albert Einstein, demonstrates that everything is energy. There are also many recent scientific studies proving there is this all-pervasive field of interconnection between all of life.

In what ways does it benefit us to know we’re interconnected?

  • We come to understand that what we do to ourselves, we also do to others, and vice versa: what we do to others, we do to ourselves.
  • We become more aware of our thoughts, words and actions and strive for more positivity, because we know this impacts others and the collective consciousness of humanity.
  • We recognize that what we see in another person, is a reflection of what is inside of us.
  • It helps us remember our thoughts are powerful and they impact people as well as ourselves
  • We become more empowered because we know we can effect positive change in ourselves and humanity.

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Imagine when corporations start treating their employees better, instead of thinking of profits as the only goal, because corporations know we’re all interconnected. We would have happier and more respected employees; this is a win-win for all.

Imagine many more people working on healing themselves, resulting in feeling better and having higher self-esteem. They would make a positive change towards the collective consciousness.

Remember, what you do to others, you also do to yourself.

It’s time we start creating the new earth, where we know and live by this concept of oneness!

It starts with you!


Yes, You CAN Make a Positive Difference!

photo credit: Mathisa


Yes, You Can Make a Difference!

There’s so much upheaval and many challenges, both on the planet and in our own lives these days! What are we to do? Is it even possible to make a difference?

The answer is yes! It is possible to make a difference!

How? Through our being interconnected with each other and all of life. Decades ago, quantum physics proved the interconnectivity of life by demonstrating that everything is energy. The universe is an all pervasive and interpenetrating field of energy.

Because everything is energy and we are interconnected, whatever actions we take, how we talk and think, and the way we show up, contributes to our individual lives and also to humanity’s collective consciousness.

This is significant and empowering to know! You are making a positive difference when you offer kindness, respect, or a smile to someone; when you do volunteer work, support your friend, play with your pet, tend to your garden and trees; have positive thoughts, keep your heart open, and stay as often as possible in the higher vibrational emotions of love, gratitude, kindness, respect, harmony.

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It’s not always easy to keep ourselves in a positive state of being; certainly, all of us have our ups and downs in life. However, know that with your good intentions of making a positive difference, and with the tools you have to handle challenges and to uplift yourself when needed, that most of time you are positively influencing those around you and also all of humanity!

When you find yourself down, take time to nurture and care for yourself; pull out those self-supporting tools, call upon a trusted friend. As you do, you uplift yourself once again, and are better able to make the helpful contribution you desire.

We’re in the very midst of creating a new earth because of the millions and millions of good people like you on this planet. Sure, it will take time to see the positive changes happen and it can feel overwhelming at times. Yet there is an ever present innate goodness in all people. The time of healing for individuals and on our planet has already begun.

As you find yourself wondering if you’re making a positive difference, remember that you are! You are a part of the universe, contributing your important piece of the puzzle belonging to humanity. The world is indeed a better place because of you!

Here’s to you and your magnificence!

Kate Heartsong

Robins and Magical Flying!

photo credit: dawilken – free images.com

My friend Linda shared this amazing experience she and her daughter Jasmine had! (They gave me permission to share this.) This experience demonstrates how each of us are so well provided for by The Creator, and also reminds me of the importance of being aware of messages given to us by The Creator, in the many forms it’s given to us.

Jasmine has been dealing with sugar addition and candida for many years, and although she had been wanting to stop eating sugar and other foods that contribute to candida, she found it quite difficult to take the action towards healing this. She prayed to get unstuck and it turns out the time she spent with her mom at a mountain park, called, Flying Jay Ranch, offered this!

Jasmine and her mom Linda went to Flying Jay Ranch, and Jasmine had made the comment that she’s ready for a new life.  She also noticed the name of this place is “Flying Jay”  (“J…. as in Jasmine!).

In receiving support from her mom, Jasmine began to feel unstuck, started gaining hope and feeling quite capable of making the leap of positive change around her eating habits, including eliminating all sugar and other foods adding to candida overgrowth.

Jasmine shared an intention when arriving at this park: “I am capable of making change in my life”.  And they both found a pavilion to eat lunch, and there, Jasmine and Linda discovered a robin’s nest of three baby birds! They got to witness the mother bird flying back and forth feeding her young.  They were careful to not disturb the birds, and it seems the birds were accepting of Jasmine and Linda being there.

As Jasmine and Linda were enjoying their heart to heart talk and lunch at the pavilion, something extraordinary occurred that they got to witness!  One of the three baby birds got out of the nest and sat next to it for about one minute. Then, this baby bird took a jump, all on it’s own prompting, and landed on the ground, many feet below, got up, and sat there, and in a few minutes even started cleaning its own wings!

Jasmine and Linda felt blessed to witness this, and Jasmine realized the bird making this “leap of faith” being analogous to her own life – that she, too, can take the leap and start the candida diet cleanse!

Not only did they get to witness this first bird jumping, but about 30 minutes later, the second of the three birds did the same thing!  And the mother bird came back with food, feeding both of these baby birds, along with the third one in the nest.
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Jasmine set a date to do start her candida cleanse, and promised to research what’s needed to do this.

What a synchronicity and the timing to witness the birds jumping from their nest, and Jasmine’s realizing she, too, can jump into her new life, which, only two hours prior, she was feeling stuck.  Both the birds and Jasmine were flying at Flying Jay Ranch!

On the way home, Linda asked her daughter to look up what the animal totem “robin” means. Jasmine looked up this:  Bringing in new life! This is just what Jasmine said when they first arrived at the mountain park! What another meaningful message and sychronicity Jasmine received.

My wish for you is that you remember you’re always provided for by The Creator, and to remember to be aware of messages and synchronicities that are given to you, to help you along the way of life and give you hope!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!




photo credit: Kate Heartsong


Wow! I’ve never seen my mulberry tree have so many mulberries! In past years – all years added up –  there was only maybe one twentieth of what this year has alone!  We’ve had more rain than usual, which is my guess for this amazing Abundance! Yet, a friend of mine shared all her flower bushes this year is also immensely abundance, so much more than the last 10 years.  Um….reminds me of cycles…..

and abundance!

My being aware of this tree’s abundance reminds me of how generous Mother Earth is!  It’s the very nature of Mother Earth, as well as us, to have abundance. Think about the many seeds of a butternut squash, the seeds of the sunflower, the number of baby rabbits or kittens born in a litter and the huge amount of weeds that grow wild!

When I stop to think about it, there is so much abundance in our lives as well. Have you ever thought of how abundant you are with the ever-present electricity and running water? Hopefully you are abundant and rich in great physical, emotional and mental health, or at least for most of the time.

And reflect on the richness you experience with the friends and family you have, being able to go out for entertainment, having enough food to eat, having a job.

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Perhaps currently in your life you’re unemployed or in poor health. Perhaps things are difficult for you in other areas of your life also.  However, when you stop and reflect, these challenges are only temporary. Hasn’t it always been true throughout your life that you come around to better experiences, after going through a spell of difficulties?

And even in difficult times, there is likely abundance in other areas of your life.  It’s so easy to take for granted simple things that really are blessings, such as the air we breath, friends we always can rely on, and……..pause here and reflect what you DO have in abundance in your life!

I invite you to periodically in life to stop and reflect on all the positive things you DO have in your life, and to realize these positive things offer you abundance!

As always, I would love to hear from you if you have a question, or comments.

In the meantime, many blessings of abundance in ALL areas of your life!


Prayer for the New Earth

photo credit: solerf 123rf


Imagine with me what would be the results of millions or hey, say 1 billion people on the planet, working on and have healed many of their personal wounds and upsets, and continually take self-responsibility, resulting in continual personal growth and expansion?

What can happen is these people are happier, and also kinder and more respectful towards themselves and live more authentically.  This naturally results in their treating others with more kindness and respect and others living more authentically!

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen!

It starts with YOU!  Each one of us!

So, here is a prayer I wrote; my desire is that it offers you hope and inspires you to do what you can to heal your personal issues, pain, upsets or whatever it is.  There are SO many resources available to help you!

Prayer for the New Earth

May we come to know
The vibrancy and delight
Of our authentic selves
Fulfilling our true destiny

May the light of our love
Shine in our eyes
Looking upon all creation
Knowing we are all one united

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May we know in our hearts
True inner peace and joy
Radiating this out as kindness and laughter
To all our brothers and sisters

May we honor and respect
Our dear Mother Earth
For the abundance she shares so freely
Sustaining our bodies, hearts and souls

May we come to know
In our lifetime the experience of
The love, peace and joy of the new earth
That is the birthright of humanity
— Kate Heartsong

It would be great to hear from you!  Share here what your answers are to the above questions.

Love and blessings, joy and peace,

Kate Heartsong

Copyright © Catherine Sanks aka Kate Heartsong Joyful Radiance  ©

Time for Expansion and Growth, with Joy!

Photo credit:  gnohz 123RF

Spring time!

Ah yes, sprint time is here!  You probably can you feel the new energies arising and you likely recognize that this time of year brings you the opportunity for renewal, growth and expansion. And why not do this in joy?

Just as the soil for a garden needs preparation before planting seeds, here are some questions you’re invited to contemplate as a way to prepare the soil of your mind, soul and body as you enter into this time of creating anew for your life:

What aspirations / dreams are stirring inside of you that are ready to be tended to, nurtured and cared for? (Did you know that when you express yourself in authenticity – and one way to live authentically  is by honoring and living your aspirations and dreams – you tend to live more joyfully!)

What action steps are necessary to reach your goal of obtaining your aspirations and dreams?

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In what ways are you willing to shed any old beliefs and create new ones that will serve you more positively in creating your aspiration / dream?

In what way will you compassionately support your new expansion for this time of growth?

For example, one of my aspirations is to be even more in the present moment, more often.  I plan to be even more aware of living in the present moment by taking the action step of stopping several times a day for 2 or 3 minutes and pause and be ever so aware of my present moment, my emotions, feelings and also how my body feels.  This will remind me to get back to the now moment.  I will be compassionate with myself in supporting this new habit by not beating myself up if I don’t do it as often as I’d like, and to strive to do better going forward by doing it more consistently.

It would be great to hear from you!  Share here what your answers are to the above questions.

Love and blessings, joy and peace,

Kate Heartsong

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