Personal Finance Coaching Services

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I swimming in debt? How can I reduce it?
  • How can I increase my credit score?
  • What can I do to have less financial stress and better cash flow?

Kate can help!

In addition to being a certified life coach, I am also an Accredited Financial Counselor® and will help you get out of debt, learn how to save, budget your money, and more.

It IS possible to improve your personal finances with financial coaching and learning new skills. Kate is AFC Certified through the Associate for Financial Counselors Planning and Education (click here for AFCPE website)

Before I came to see you, I felt unsure as to what to do; I feel comfortable and at ease now with my finances.  You’re really awesome!”  


“Now that I have learned what to do from my coach Kate, I am more optimistic now about being able to be in control of my personal finances. Thanks Kate!


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