Underneath all successful, empowered and happy women is a mighty pillar called high self-confidence!

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With high self-confidence:

  • you have improved relationships, health, finances, work and more!
  • you become the best version of yourself and live authentically
  • you more easily make desired changes and reach your goals
  • you effectively deal with challenges
  • you are empowered

I’m passionate about helping my clients and audiences! WHY?

Because I’ve transcended childhood trauma and became unstuck from my old ways of living.  “I’ve been there, done that!” I’m living proof it’s possible to reach my full potential and thrive!

“I always feel better after my coaching session with Kate!”

 Rhonda D.

Coaching with Kate is for you if:

  • you feel stuck and/or want more confidence to create positive change
  • you want to be empowered to reach your goals, but don’t know how
  • you want happiness and inner peace

Benefits of coaching include:

  • getting clarity and insights, which supports creating positive change
  • being held accountable, resulting in reaching your goals faster
  • creating and taking realistic action steps, thus achieving your goals
  • using proven tools and strategies for empowerment and goal achievement

With Kate supporting you every step of the way, coaching with Kate results in:

  • you increasing your confidence and empowerment
  • overcoming obstacles, resulting in creating the positive change you desire
  • achieving your goals easier and faster
  • increased joy, love and inner peace

“It takes special people to deal with me. I really appreciate you and how you listen and help me..”


“Kate was able to ask me questions that identified areas that needed my attention. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  If you are feeling stuck……. give Kate a call… she is amazing!” 

Christie D.

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