When Change Happens in Your Life

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We all know what it’s like to go through change. Sometimes it’s by our choice, and other times, it’s forced on us. We’ll focus on forced today. For example, the pandemic we’ve experienced is a big change most people have/are experiencing.

There are changes on all levels of our being with this  – or other forced changes,  such as our physical health, fears, stress, and yet there are other changes that are positive.

I know for me two of the biggest gifts from the pandemic is a more constant sense of gratitude and also an even deeper sense of connection with The Creator and with myself.

Pause here and think of an example of how your life changed as a result of the pandemic.  I invite you to choose to see this change as a gift. Perhaps you took up meditation each day, or were forced to evaluate your life, or better appreciate your friends and family.

Whatever the change, remember it’s part of the natural process of growth.  The Creator only knows expansion and growth, and as painful as the pandemic has been there are also gifts from it.
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Again, you’re invited now to think of the change you experienced, and ask yourself:   did this change from the pandemic improve your life? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.  Either way is fine.  In time you will realize the benefit.

Here’s one more thing to consider regarding change:  how do you show up with adjusting to this change?  Here are some tips for you:

it’s best to be empowered

to know that you do have choice in how to react to the change,

it’s easier to adapt when you go with the flow,

best to discern between what you can and cannot do, and

to do your best to learn form it (even when it’s a change that’s forced upon you!)

Here’s to your empowerment with change!

As always, many blessings sent to each of you and lots of success in all ways!

Kate Heartsong

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  • Thank you for your newsletter and for your thoughts. Also, what a pretty picture on your homepage of your newsletter, I love that outfit on you. I hope to spend time and share good thoughts soon ❣️

  • Hi, Kate. I’m still trying to figure it out!

    I love the photo showing the caterpillar to butterfly change. It’s perfect for the positive view of what this pandemic has brought us. This is a great topic for a serious workshop, as I see its results as very different for each of us. As for me, it has been both simple and complex, at least largely due to almost 3 years of isolation. Vaccinations have helped so much, but we continue to be only 49% fully vaccinated in our area. That means there is still active virus everywhere we go. Though many people have chosen to go without a mask, there are still many of us wearing them when we need to be around others, in public settings especially. I’m definitely one of those and looking forward to getting a second booster. Sooooo, thanks for your positive and uplifting messages. Stay safe and well. Fondly, Phyllis

    • Hi Phyllis,
      As always, I so appreciate you and your sharing comments here! Indeed there are many aspects and benefits of the pandemic, so thank you again.
      Wishing you all the best and take care!