Oneness, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

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Have you ever experienced walking into a room where the tension was so thick you thought you could “cut it with a knife”?  Or, how about when you’re suddenly thinking of a loved one, only to have that very same person call you shortly afterwards?  And how about the phenomena of birds turning exactly in unison while flying together?

What explains all this is the concept of life being interconnected, also known as Oneness. There are many scientific studies proving that, at our most elemental basis, we’re all energy, and this is what causes the oneness/interconnectedness of life.   Lynn McTaggart, internationally known author and researcher, stated: “At our most elemental (level)…… human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.”
I love this quote from John Pierrakos, a physician and psychiatrist:  “Energy and consciousness are in a continual state of interaction: energy is shaped and directed by consciousness which is itself driven by energy.”  What this means is how we feel about ourselves and how we show up influences those around us, because we’re all energy. 
So, what does all this have to do with self confidence and self-esteem?  Everything!  For when you raise your self-confidence and self-esteem, not only do you feel better but this positively effects those around you, and adds positive energy to humanity! 

What do you think is the impact on humanity when there are 500 million, or a billion people on the planet doing their own personal work, raising their self-confidence and self-esteem?  Imagine!  Yes!  There will be even more higher vibrations added to the collective consciousness, and this will result in a better world; a new earth!

Start with yourself. Do the inner work you are called to do.  In this, you feel better and you are making a positive contribution to humanity.  Why?  Because we are all interconnected!

Here’s to all of us and to the new earth we can help cultivate into existence!

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Kate Heartsong 

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