Humanity’s Cry For Change Paperback

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-Ready to become empowered to make positive change?

-Want to discover why we’re going through massive upheaval?

-Want to realize there IS hope for positive change ?

Then read this book!

You’ll learn key concepts necessary to create a more joyful life, feel better, gain hope and find ways to support humanity in bringing in the new earth! The time is now!



Humanity’s Cry for Change – Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth offers key concepts for thriving in these challenging times to help you create a happier life. You will gain hope, realizing you can make positive changes for yourself and humanity.


As humans, we have many universal questions and crave answers, such as:
• What gives me happiness?
• What gives me hope?
• What is oneness?
• How can I raise my vibration?
• What does DEI mean?
• How can one person make a difference?


We wonder what’s going on with the planet, how to have positive change, and whether bringing in the new earth is possible. People ask: What is anti-racism and what is conscious business? Why is the world crazy? How to feel calm? What gives me joy and what gives me peace? In short, how can humans create a new earth, a new era, for humanity, ourselves, and our loved ones?


These topics are popular because we long for positive change for ourselves, humanity, and Mother Earth. The old ways are no longer working, and we want a shift into a kinder and safer world.


The solutions start with YOU, and this book shows you how!


There are scientific studies shared in Humanity’s Cry For Change proving our interconnectedness and how our thoughts, words, and actions impact others. You will discover how living by this oneness concept is vital for humanity’s survival and can contribute to creating the new earth.


Making changes on the planet, in your community, and for yourself will help you:
• Enjoy life and have fun
• Get relief from life’s troubles
• Treat Mother Earth with consideration
• Respect and be kind to all life and receive the same


Humanity’s Cry for Change discusses alternative medicine modalities, conscious business practices, activism, and more. There are practical exercises to help you live a joyful life.


Come join us to answer the urgent clarion call to create a new earth that promises the peace, collaboration, harmony, and joy many seek!


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“The entire book leaves me feeling calm and peaceful … and left me, as it will leave the reader, with hope for our future.”  – Linda Stopp, MPA

“This is a transformational book with powerful insights and tools that is timely and truly needed!” – Angela Casola, Ph.D., Metro State University Professor