Kate was both surprised and honored around the year 2001, when she discovered her gift of receiving profound insights and wisdom during meditation. She calls this automatic writing and was guided to share these insights with the world through publishing what are now her two books.

Her first book Deeply We Are One, empowers you to understand your own inherent greatness and worthiness. This supports you feeling happier and you’re better able to recognize the greatness in others. This leads to experiencing the interconnectivity of life, called oneness!

Humanity’s Cry for Change, Kate’s second book, offers you hope that there can be a better and more peaceful world when, individually and collectively, we make positive change, including implementing key concepts that are vital to our survival. It also explains the reason there is increasing upheaval and chaos occurring in our lives and with humanity and Mother Earth, and that this chaos actually will lead to a new earth. This new earth represents love, respect, joy, kindness, peace, harmony, collaboration, reverence for all life, and Oneness living.

Her two books are available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book format, and Humanity’s Cry For Change is also available as an audiobook.

Or, you can purchase both paperback books directly from this website.