Peace or Upset. Which do You Choose?

When you’re faced with something challenging, an upset or just something not going right, what do you do? Hopefully you acknowledge your emotions and feelings about it, then process them, and then get back to calm and be centered.

Sometimes something is so upsetting that we’re in the midst of those emotions for hours or maybe days. Last week I had something happen that caused me to go into fear and upset, for a few hours. It was fascinating to observe myself! I realized the best I could do for the situation is to feel my emotions, process them and then let them go!

I wanted to be in peace, and no longer be upset.

Letting go and trusting, and positive self-talk about the situation helped me.

Which do you choose, peace or upset? Recognize that which you have control over and which you don’t have control over. Worrying, being upset and angry or frustrated doesn’t make it better. It makes it worse.

So next time, acknowledge your upset, process through that upset in whatever way you find works, then … then! get back into peace and calm. Maybe easier said than done; it depends on the challenge. However, know it CAN be done! You’re always at choice!

Love and blessings to EACH of you! May you have peace!

Kate Heartsong

Saving Time? Is That Even Possible? LOL

Do you find yourself rushing to get ready for the day? Running out of the house to meet someone and stressed because your hurrying yourself? Ah!  I know the feeling,  but fortunately I don’t do this as often as I used to

This morning though, before writing this article, I was rushing to get ready for the day, so I can get to my desk sooner because I have so many tasks to do for my business. I had a great meditation, but then, hurried through my shower, took less time for my daily morning yoga and didn’t have breakfast, all to “save time”.

Save time?!  What does that really mean?  To me it means rushing!  Because – yikes!  We can’t “save” time.  It goes along as it does.  It is what it is.

What I did instead of saving time, is I became a bit stressed.  Thankfully I became aware of this and in this awareness, I slowed down, took a couple of deep breaths and consciously shifted gears.  Long ago, I’ve come to realize if I rush, I stress myself.  Who needs that?!  No one!

What do you do to help yourself be aware of yourself, say for example,  for getting ready for the day? During your busy day at work, you may want to remind yourself to check in periodically with yourself and ask:

            Am I rushing?

            How do I really feel now?  Focused on work? Stressed?

            What is my body telling me now?

Being aware of ourselves and then shifting our pace or using positive self-talk to reduce stress are easy ways to create a more mindful and happy life.

Comment here to let me know what tools or tips you use to reduce stress and stop rushing.  I always love hearing from you!

Love and blessings to EACH of you!  May you have a productive and relaxed day!

Kate Heartsong

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Oneness, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

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Have you ever experienced walking into a room where the tension was so thick you thought you could “cut it with a knife”?  Or, how about when you’re suddenly thinking of a loved one, only to have that very same person call you shortly afterwards?  And how about the phenomena of birds turning exactly in unison while flying together?

What explains all this is the concept of life being interconnected, also known as Oneness. There are many scientific studies proving that, at our most elemental basis, we’re all energy, and this is what causes the oneness/interconnectedness of life.   Lynn McTaggart, internationally known author and researcher, stated: “At our most elemental (level)…… human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.”
I love this quote from John Pierrakos, a physician and psychiatrist:  “Energy and consciousness are in a continual state of interaction: energy is shaped and directed by consciousness which is itself driven by energy.”  What this means is how we feel about ourselves and how we show up influences those around us, because we’re all energy. 
So, what does all this have to do with self confidence and self-esteem?  Everything!  For when you raise your self-confidence and self-esteem, not only do you feel better but this positively effects those around you, and adds positive energy to humanity! 

What do you think is the impact on humanity when there are 500 million, or a billion people on the planet doing their own personal work, raising their self-confidence and self-esteem?  Imagine!  Yes!  There will be even more higher vibrations added to the collective consciousness, and this will result in a better world; a new earth!

Start with yourself. Do the inner work you are called to do.  In this, you feel better and you are making a positive contribution to humanity.  Why?  Because we are all interconnected!

Here’s to all of us and to the new earth we can help cultivate into existence!

Share a comment here. I love hearing from you!

Kate Heartsong 

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Peace Within, Peace on Earth

Peace Within, Peace on Earth

What a crazy roller coaster ride we’re on!  With all the massive changes, energy shifts and disruption in many areas of the planet, and in our own lives, you may be feeling like me:  what’s all this about?   And how can I deal with all this?

The reason we’re experiencing so many changes and disruptions is due to our going through an  unprecedented evolutionary shift of mankind, and of Mother Earth.   Going into the Age of Aquarius. My newest book, Humanity’s Cry For Change explains in detail about this, and also offers key concepts we individually and collectively best take, in order to survive!

Here’s one key concept that you can take into your life now:  create peace within yourself.

I know!  This is much easier said than done!  However it is possible!    One way I use several times a day is to have gratitude.  There’s so many things to be grateful for, and this brings us into a higher emotional vibration.  Pause now and reflect on the blessings you have today in your life.  Now breath this into your entire body, heart and soul.  Immerse yourself in this positive feeling!  Do this several times a day.  It only takes 2 or 3 minutes, or be with it longer.

Of course, cultivating inner peace doesn’t mean to ignore upsets.  It’s important to feel, process and then release upsets, challenges and then go back to your tools and practices to get centered and feel peaceful once again.

As you create more peace in yourself you are also adding positive energy/vibrations to the collective consciousness.  Imagine with me:  what if 100 million or 900 million, or a billion people do their own inner work to create inner peace.  Wow!  That’s a lot of positive energy added to humanity’s consciousness!   So, you see, one person does make a positive difference towards creating peace on earth!  When enough of us are on board doing this, we do cultivate that which all of us are yearning for:  a more peaceful earth, which is what the Age of Aquarius – the new earth –  is all about!

This holiday season – and for always ! –  I wish for you the inner peace you crave, to be cultivated, and sustained as much as possible!

Peace within, peace on earth!

Kate Heartsong 

© Copyright 2020 Joyful Radiance LLC

Alignment With Mother Earth

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With all the chaos and increasing upheaval on the planet, I would like to share with you the following excerpt from my book Humanity’s Cry For Change, from the chapter called Alignment With Mother Earth.   This will help you better understand why we individually and collectively are experiencing the huge shifts and challenges today.  My desire is to offer you hope to know that there can be—and I believe there IS—light at the end of the tunnel. You may want to read the whole book to understand why.

“To increase individuals and also the collective consciousness’ vibrations, many outdated systems are breaking down, such as the financial system. They cannot stay in place in the midst of these higher vibrations. The new earth can best house living organisms that match what is now becoming increasingly common, that of higher vibrations such as love and harmony. The old paradigms of the Pisces age (aggression, competition, war and separateness consciousness) cannot live in the new environment because it does not fit. The two vibrational types (higher vibrations and lower vibrations) are not compatible with each other, and “bump up” against each other, because they are not of the same vibration. Mother Earth’s vibration is increasingly becoming of a higher frequency, and this vibratory change is such that it cannot comfortably house life that is not in harmony with her anymore (that is, is not in a similar frequency level as hers). Mother Earth is becoming less tolerant of her mistreatment. She is expelling out— throwing up—the parts that cannot be “digested”, causing increased occurrences of hurricanes, extreme bad weather, massive fires, earthquakes, and other disruptive weather patterns.
Be encouraged, however, to know there are effective actions you can take to make positive change. Some actions you can take are in section three of this book.”

There is much we each can gain when we do our own personal work, healing, growth. When we do, we also contribute to the collective consciousness’ positive vibrations!

Remember that you DO make a positive difference!


Kate HeartsongFeel free to comment here. I love hearing from you!

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Prayer for the New Earth

I’m honored to be the messenger of the profound and insightful messages that help you to better navigate the upheavals and challenging times we have, and explains why we’re going through this individually and collectively.  It’s from my latest book Humanity’s Cry for Change. This book came about through my channeling its wisdom for our current shift.

I wanted to share with you this poem, which comes from this loving book.

Prayer for the New Earth
by Kate Heartsong

May we come to know
The vibrancy and delight
Of our authentic selves
Fulfilling our true destiny

May the light of our love
Shine in our eyes
Looking upon all creation
Knowing we are all one united

May we know in our hearts
True inner peace and joy
Radiating this out as kindness and laughter
To all our brothers and sisters

May we honor and respect
Our dear Mother Earth
For the abundance she shares so freely
Sustaining our bodies, hearts, and souls

May we come to know
In our lifetime, the experience of
The love, peace, and joy of the new earth
That is the birthright of humanity
— Kate Heartsong

Remember the greatness of who you are!

Kate Heartsong

Copyright © Catherine Sanks aka Kate Heartsong Joyful Radiance  ©

Change is the Only Constant!

Change is the Only Constant!
We are going through many changes, both individually and collectively.  With all the global shifts and changes, and in our personal lives, it can be difficult and challenging.  Sometimes you just don’t know what to do to create an easier life!

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Many blessings to each of you always!
Kate Heartsong

Supporting Ourselves

Do you know that you can support others better when you first support yourself?  Ah!  Yes indeed, we can give to others after we “fill our own cup”.    There’s a wonderful analogy I share with my clients and audiences on this topic:   Imagine you have a pitcher full of water, and you pour your water into 6 glasses, emptying your pitcher.  How can you fill any more glasses?  You can’t until you fill your pitcher up again.

What ways to do support yourself?  Are you kind with yourself through positive self-talk?  Do you treat yourself to doing activities you enjoy?  When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see if you’re living your life in alignment with your values?

For example, perhaps you value being connected with your friends yet you are a work-aholic?  Maybe you desire to connect but somehow don’t make the time to honor yourself.

I love music and dance, and last winter I realized I was not honoring this passion of mine because I just wasn’t going out to do this activity.  Thank goodness for my awareness, because I made the decision to honor this part of my life, and now am going out more often having a super time.

My invitation to you is to check in with yourself and your values and beliefs, and do an honest assessment of how you life your life in relation to your values.  If you are not in integrity with living your life in alignment with your values, what can you do to change that?  When you do, you’ll feel better, positively support yourself and be able to support others.

It all starts with you!

Feel free to write a comment in my website’s comment box for this article. I love hearing from you!


Kate Heartsong


Copyright © Catherine Sanks aka Kate Heartsong Joyful Radiance ©

So It Goes

Denchik photo credit

So it Goes!

A friend of mine’s son has a tattoo “So it goes”.  I love this saying!  To me this means “it is what it is” and to accept it.  Accepting things as they are is an effective and powerful way to live.  When we recognize things are as they are, and that it is happening as it is meant to be, we can cultivate inner peace or at least feel better about a situation, especially if we don’t like it and wish it to be different than it is.

Certainly, there are some situations that we can and are meant to change, but as you know, there are many situations or people in which we are not meant to change; it is not up to us to control the person or situation.

We know it does no good to resist what is!  In times of great upset – and we all have this from time to time – I tell myself it is what it is, and even if I WISH for it to be different, it is still going to remain the same. I say:  it’s not going to suddenly – POOF – change into what I want it to be just because I’m thinking it should be different! And who am I to dictate what I think it should be?  Truly, it’s best NOT to judge a situation or a person’s situation. In having this kind of conversation with myself, I find some solace.

I don’t suppress my upset about the person or situation; I allow it, but then go back to realizing “it is what it is” – “so it goes”.   I can’t change it; I would rather accept it and be with peace rather than resist and be upset.

I invite you to recognize any situations in your life that you don’t like and ask yourself:  is it meant for you to change?  Are you really in control of it?  If not, do your best to let go, let God, and accept what is.

Feel free to comment. You know I love to hear from you!

Many blessings to each of you always!

Kate Heartsong

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