Peace or Upset. Which do You Choose?

When you’re faced with something challenging, an upset or just something not going right, what do you do? Hopefully you acknowledge your emotions and feelings about it, then process them, and then get back to calm and be centered.

Sometimes something is so upsetting that we’re in the midst of those emotions for hours or maybe days. Last week I had something happen that caused me to go into fear and upset, for a few hours. It was fascinating to observe myself! I realized the best I could do for the situation is to feel my emotions, process them and then let them go!

I wanted to be in peace, and no longer be upset.

Letting go and trusting, and positive self-talk about the situation helped me.

Which do you choose, peace or upset? Recognize that which you have control over and which you don’t have control over. Worrying, being upset and angry or frustrated doesn’t make it better. It makes it worse.

So next time, acknowledge your upset, process through that upset in whatever way you find works, then … then! get back into peace and calm. Maybe easier said than done; it depends on the challenge. However, know it CAN be done! You’re always at choice!

Love and blessings to EACH of you! May you have peace!

Kate Heartsong