Choose Love!

Choose Love!

Our true alignment with God, Source, Universe – whichever name you choose to use – is what brings us into the precious space of joy, love and peace.  You know how it feels when meditating right?  It’s that calm, peaceful place of connection with The Creator, where you are in the realm of your true essence, love.

If you don’t meditate, you may also know what I’m referring to: when you’re so in the present moment, such as dancing, painting, or other creative activities, that you’re in that amazing space and time seems to disappear.

You can access this space at any time, although I realize in this hectic world we live in, it may not always be so easy. Do remember you do have choice, though to go into this space of love!

You’re invited to make time each day to access this precious space. As you do, do your best to put aside any fear you may have. How? One way is to be in the present moment and be aware of your blessings; another way is to give yourself comforting words to feel better.  You can also focus on someone or somewhere that makes you feel great, and focus on that feeling for a few minutes.

Choosing love will help you to elevate your vibration and you’ll feel better and more empowered.  Also, being in this love space and high vibration, is especially vital now, with the world affairs with Russia and Ukraine’s conflict/war.  I want to empower you to go into this love space, and as you do, you’ll feel better, and you’ll also contribute to the collective consciousness’ high vibration. This is a powerful and loving way to offset the negative conflict/war energies!

When each of us contribute, there are millions upon millions of people adding this love and high vibration, resulting in creating a positive shift!

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You DO make a positive difference for humanity! Love does flow through you because you are made in the image of The Creator, which is love.

Feel free to share this email with everyone you know and let’s spread the message of sending out our love!

Here’s to your confidence, joy, empowerment and fun!

As always, many blessings sent to each of you and lots of success in all ways!

Kate Heartsong

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