Cleansing and Freshness of Spring!

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Springtime is Here!

Ah! I bet you feel like me, grateful for the warmer weather, sweet daffodils and tulips starting to come up, grass growing once again! Springtime is now my favorite season. Movement and change with springtime, after the cold and often inner-reflection time of winter.

You are invited to answer these questions regarding this new springtime season, around the theme of spring cleaning of your mind, body and/or soul :

What old habits or patterns do you have that no longer serve you and you’re ready to “sweep away”?
How can you support yourself in releasing / sweeping away those old habits or patterns?
What insights did you gain from the winter season?
What changes, if any, are you wanting to make for this spring season? Perhaps a detox to cleanse your body, a spiritual retreat to rejuvenate your soul, or a commitment to more yard work and exercise.
What resources do you have to support the changes you want to make?
What obstacles, if any, are there that would slow you down or stop you from making changes?
What benefits will you gain when you make those changes?

Looking forward to hearing your answers! Comment here.

Blessing and joy to you always, and in ALL ways!
Kate Heartsong

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3 Traits Confident People Have

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You probably have noticed people who carry themselves with a positive and upbeat attitude.  When they walk in the room, they carry themselves with a certain air of confidence; the seem to have life go their way.  They are people with  high self-confidence.

I remember many years ago in my twenties and my teen years when I didn’t feel confident.  Back then, I had low self-esteem.  I didn’t feel I deserve good things.  And I also had people walk all over me easily.   On an unconscious level, I allowed them to.  I didn’t know how to deal with that.

Thankfully I came to realize that I needed to change how I felt about myself. As a result of my dedicated personal growth work (workshops, self-help books, counseling, affirmations), I am now confident in myself and feel good about the person I am, the gifts and skills I offer my clients and audiences, and my friends and family.

It’s possible to change into a more positive and confident person; I’m living proof!  This is exactly why I’m so passionate about helping my clients and audiences know they CAN make positive change and increase their confidence!

Here are three traits all confident people have (there are others as well):

  • They believe in themselves. Confident people know the gifts and skills they offer and they know themselves well enough to know this. They realize their self-worth, which cultivates their believing in themselves.  This is not egotistical because they ALSO see the good and the value in everyone else.
  • They use positive self-talk. Confident people use positive language when talking to themselves instead of beating themselves up.  Have you noticed a confident, upbeat person walking into the room?  You can bet they appreciate themselves and use positive self-talk.
  • They surround themselves with positive, uplifting situations, events and people. Like attracts like.  We facilitate more positive attitude when we do positive things like watch happy movies and minimize negative news or people.

Contact me for a complimentary coach session! You will love knowing you CAN become empowered, raise self-confidence and live a happier life.

Here’s to you and confidence!

Kate Heartsong

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Most of us are excited to have a new year upon us, starting over perhaps with new dreams, new hopes.  We reflect on the past year and see what we’ve learned, accomplishments we’ve achieved, mistakes we’ve made and so on. As people of self-responsibility and being we’re powerful creators, it’s awesome how we reflect on the past, and see how we can move forward into the future with our life expansion with past year’s learnings and experiences.

Remember you are a powerful creator!  So what ever happened in last year (or whenever!), is due to YOUR thoughts, actions and words.

If you focus on something that’s lacking in your life, or something you don’t like, you create more of that.  If you focus on what you desire, you get that too.  We create both ways, yes! Best to live mindfully and consciously, right? That way you get what you desire.

My invitation to you is for this new year, and each day of this year, and for the rest of your life, you live as consciously and mindfully as possible.  Focus, think, say and do that which you desire to create and bring into your life.  This assures you will create what you desire.

Comment on this article;   I love hearing from you!

Many blessings always!

Kate Heartsong

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Now is the Time for Transformation

Excerpt from Kate Heartsong’s latest book:

Humanity’s Cry For Change – Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth

When we start with ourselves, we start with the world. For we are all in unity and connection.

The modality of how the majority of people live on the planet creates an illusion of separation. This was set up this way to embark on creating a journey back home to The Creator, through understanding and living the Oneness and unity perspective. For it is the experiencing of life that expands our souls and through expansion we become heightened in our capacity to love.

You choose your path in life, how to approach life, and how you perceive a person or situation, or how you see your life’s experiences.

Like clay, you are malleable. Your childhood cultural upbringing and beliefs formed you, as a sculptor forms a piece of clay into a unique shape. The sculptor’s hands shape the clay into a bowl, vase, or other objects. So, too, do you create the unique shape of who you are with your perceptions, values, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions. Many of these came from your childhood and may be created or changed throughout your lifetime, and further perpetuates the shape of you. Science has proved that the more often you think similar or same thoughts or verbalize these out loud, the more the brain’s neurons fire together and wire together.  This is, so to speak, the pottery of the mind. The clay is malleable until it is in its final shape, then it is put into the firing kiln. But is it in the final shape? Not really. Yes, the heat changes the clay’s physical and chemical attributes making it hard and not malleable.  However, subtle changes, such as scrapes, cracks, and chips, can occur over time.

You are indeed always creating yourself, whether it is done consciously or unconsciously. To optimize creating what you want, consciously create, that is. Do this by being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and words so you live more mindfully. We are powerful creators of our own lives. Quantum physics has proven many times that through our imagination, our actions, words and thoughts, we influence and create our lives.

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Would love to hear from you. Write a comment here.

Blessings and joy to you!

Kate Heartsong


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What You Focus on Gets Bigger

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What We Focus on Gets Bigger

For many of us, it’s easy to focus on all those things we seem to think are wrong with us or not going the way we think it should.  Here are some examples: I eat too much, I didn’t say the right thing, when am I going to get that ideal job, why don’t I have more friends… and so one.

As you may know, what we focus on gets bigger. So, as we put our awareness towards what is not right, we tend to see even more of that which is wrong. Our self-talk is a huge influence in how we create our lives, and when we think negative thoughts, we create more negative circumstances.

On the flip side of the coin, the more often we focus on the positive in our lives, such as our natural skills and gifts, friends, good health, the food, water and shelter we have, and so on, the more positive we become. This also cultivates more sustainable higher vibrations, leading to a higher propensity for joy and peace of mind.

I remember one of my clients focused on all the negative things happening with her personal finances. As we started coaching, she came to realize she had more money than she thought and now her main focus around money is positive!

What negative thoughts do you have in your own life or those who are close to you? In what way can you shift these thoughts into a more positive outlook?  Take action if you can, and if you can’t, then acknowledge your negative thoughts, intentionally let them go, and then start creating positive thoughts around that area of life.

If you need support with this process, or you have a goal you want to reach, consider hiring a coach! The coaching modality supports creating positive change in your life.

I am a certified life coach (12 years) and a certified financial coach (4 years), and have great success in supporting my clients’ reaching their goals.

Here’s a special promotional coaching package, offered through September 30, 2022: 

A complimentary coach session first, to experience coaching with Kate

            $44 a session for the first 2 sessions

            $60 a session thereafter (usually $90 per session)

***Many of us have been hurt financially from the pandemic;  I want to make it possible for you to create positive change ! This is reason I’m greatly reducing my coaching fees.***

My coaching services are guaranteed, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Here’s to more joy in your life!

Kate Heartsong


Contact me at [email protected].  You’ll be glad you did!

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Here’s to you and your joy!

Kate Heartsong



Open to Love

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I was single for 9 years until May of this year, when I unexpectedly met my beloved.  How did this happen? I realized earlier this year, I came to a sincere acceptance of, and being at peace with, being single for the rest of my life.  In the 9 years of being single, I followed my inner guidance to just enjoy life, discover myself, and don’t look for a partner. I trusted this. I came to know how important it is to first love myself.

Because I had come to accept being single, the lesson of my being single was complete. What this means is, by accepting the situation, I no longer needed that situation in my life!  I had achieved the intended experience of being ok in my own skin, (on an unconscious level), so that I could learn to better appreciate and love myself.

My suggestion is to work on being at peace with being single, exploring the extraordinary you and discovering your skills and gifts. Through this, you live more authentically, resulting in more joy and peace.  Once you are in this sweet spot, you’re better equipped to call in the love you desire, whether it’s an intimate relationship or a new best friend. Be open to whatever happens!

As always, I would love to hear from you!   Many blessings of joy, peace and LOVE!

Kate Heartsong

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Benefits You Receive From Forced Change

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Benefits You Receive from Forced Change

You probably have heard the saying “The only constant in life is change”, so why not make change your friend!?

In these turbulent times, each of us have gone through—or are currently going through—some kind of change.  Globally there are many changes as well.

There are two basic kinds of changes:  those we intend/desire to create and those which are forced upon us.  The changes that are forced upon us can be especially painful, however there are benefits we receive from this, just as there are benefits from intended changes.

With forced change (as well as intended change), some of the benefits we receive are: we develop new skill sets, we get better at what we do, we get to know ourselves better, we evolve and also we deepen in our life wisdom.

Other ways we benefit from forced change include the realization that we are strong and resilient and that we do have what it takes to survive a change.  This empowers us and also can raise our self-esteem and confidence.  Although going through change that’s been thrust upon us is usually very painful, this is an amazing way that people expand and evolve.

You may have heard of a teacher having been forced to learn new technology so they could teach through video conferencing in lieu of the classroom, when the pandemic lock down occurred or when a friend may have been laid off, only to discover a new career that’s more in alignment with their true self.  These are examples of benefits they’ve received even through the painful experience of forced change.

I invite you to think about a time in your life, or what you may currently be going through, that is an example of the benefit or gift received when you went through a painful time in your life that caused you to make a change in your life.  Contemplate this with love and compassion for yourself, allow yourself to be aware of the gift and realize you are all the wiser because of that experience and change.

Would love to hear from you as always!  Feel free to comment here.

Blessings, joy and love sent your way,




Spring Time and Authenticity

Ah, Spring time!  It reminds me of the eagerness of new life sprouting up, that plants and trees instinctively grow. It’s in its very nature to!

Isn’t this true with us? Indeed yes! There is a natural instinct for each of us to grow, and it shows up in different ways, always from our inner guidance. It’s best to listen for our inner guidance, and then take action to create or to be, that which wants to be expressed through us.  Maybe it’s the gut feeling that now is the time to look for that new job, ending the unhappy relationship, or starting the art project you’ve been thinking about.

When you follow through on the yearning, your desire, your inner voice that’s calling to you to take action to express, you’re living authentically.  For when we express our natural skills and gifts, we are in alignment with our true beingness.

I invite you to do this brief exercise/meditation now, and let this be an empowering reminder to live the truth of who you are. When you do, you’ll feel better and also you’ll be helping others by sharing your gifts and creativity.

Get into a quiet space, allow yourself to relax and intend to receive insight about what you’re now called to do or be. Start meditating and go deeper, deeper into the quiet space so you can hear your inner guidance.

Now simply ask:  “What is it I am yearning to do? “ Perhaps you already know the answer.  If you don’t, just sit quietly in your meditation space, and allow yourself to receive the answer.  If you don’t, that’s ok.  Know that you’ll receive the guidance sometime soon.

Once you realize what you’re being called to do, think about what the first step will be to start following through to bring this to fruition.  Coaching, by the way, is a fantastic way to get support and clarity to what action steps to take, and helps you reach your goal.

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I’m wishing you all the best in your exploration into living more authentically by taking action steps towards that which you are being called to be, to do!

Here’s to YOUR springtime!

Would love to hear from you, as always.   Feel free to make a comment here!


Kate Heartsong

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When Change Happens in Your Life

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We all know what it’s like to go through change. Sometimes it’s by our choice, and other times, it’s forced on us. We’ll focus on forced today. For example, the pandemic we’ve experienced is a big change most people have/are experiencing.

There are changes on all levels of our being with this  – or other forced changes,  such as our physical health, fears, stress, and yet there are other changes that are positive.

I know for me two of the biggest gifts from the pandemic is a more constant sense of gratitude and also an even deeper sense of connection with The Creator and with myself.

Pause here and think of an example of how your life changed as a result of the pandemic.  I invite you to choose to see this change as a gift. Perhaps you took up meditation each day, or were forced to evaluate your life, or better appreciate your friends and family.

Whatever the change, remember it’s part of the natural process of growth.  The Creator only knows expansion and growth, and as painful as the pandemic has been there are also gifts from it.
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Again, you’re invited now to think of the change you experienced, and ask yourself:   did this change from the pandemic improve your life? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.  Either way is fine.  In time you will realize the benefit.

Here’s one more thing to consider regarding change:  how do you show up with adjusting to this change?  Here are some tips for you:

it’s best to be empowered

to know that you do have choice in how to react to the change,

it’s easier to adapt when you go with the flow,

best to discern between what you can and cannot do, and

to do your best to learn form it (even when it’s a change that’s forced upon you!)

Here’s to your empowerment with change!

As always, many blessings sent to each of you and lots of success in all ways!

Kate Heartsong

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Choose Love!

Choose Love!

Our true alignment with God, Source, Universe – whichever name you choose to use – is what brings us into the precious space of joy, love and peace.  You know how it feels when meditating right?  It’s that calm, peaceful place of connection with The Creator, where you are in the realm of your true essence, love.

If you don’t meditate, you may also know what I’m referring to: when you’re so in the present moment, such as dancing, painting, or other creative activities, that you’re in that amazing space and time seems to disappear.

You can access this space at any time, although I realize in this hectic world we live in, it may not always be so easy. Do remember you do have choice, though to go into this space of love!

You’re invited to make time each day to access this precious space. As you do, do your best to put aside any fear you may have. How? One way is to be in the present moment and be aware of your blessings; another way is to give yourself comforting words to feel better.  You can also focus on someone or somewhere that makes you feel great, and focus on that feeling for a few minutes.

Choosing love will help you to elevate your vibration and you’ll feel better and more empowered.  Also, being in this love space and high vibration, is especially vital now, with the world affairs with Russia and Ukraine’s conflict/war.  I want to empower you to go into this love space, and as you do, you’ll feel better, and you’ll also contribute to the collective consciousness’ high vibration. This is a powerful and loving way to offset the negative conflict/war energies!

When each of us contribute, there are millions upon millions of people adding this love and high vibration, resulting in creating a positive shift!

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You DO make a positive difference for humanity! Love does flow through you because you are made in the image of The Creator, which is love.

Feel free to share this email with everyone you know and let’s spread the message of sending out our love!

Here’s to your confidence, joy, empowerment and fun!

As always, many blessings sent to each of you and lots of success in all ways!

Kate Heartsong

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