Benefits You Receive From Forced Change

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Benefits You Receive from Forced Change

You probably have heard the saying “The only constant in life is change”, so why not make change your friend!?

In these turbulent times, each of us have gone through—or are currently going through—some kind of change.  Globally there are many changes as well.

There are two basic kinds of changes:  those we intend/desire to create and those which are forced upon us.  The changes that are forced upon us can be especially painful, however there are benefits we receive from this, just as there are benefits from intended changes.

With forced change (as well as intended change), some of the benefits we receive are: we develop new skill sets, we get better at what we do, we get to know ourselves better, we evolve and also we deepen in our life wisdom.

Other ways we benefit from forced change include the realization that we are strong and resilient and that we do have what it takes to survive a change.  This empowers us and also can raise our self-esteem and confidence.  Although going through change that’s been thrust upon us is usually very painful, this is an amazing way that people expand and evolve.

You may have heard of a teacher having been forced to learn new technology so they could teach through video conferencing in lieu of the classroom, when the pandemic lock down occurred or when a friend may have been laid off, only to discover a new career that’s more in alignment with their true self.  These are examples of benefits they’ve received even through the painful experience of forced change.

I invite you to think about a time in your life, or what you may currently be going through, that is an example of the benefit or gift received when you went through a painful time in your life that caused you to make a change in your life.  Contemplate this with love and compassion for yourself, allow yourself to be aware of the gift and realize you are all the wiser because of that experience and change.

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