What You Focus on Gets Bigger

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What We Focus on Gets Bigger

For many of us, it’s easy to focus on all those things we seem to think are wrong with us or not going the way we think it should.  Here are some examples: I eat too much, I didn’t say the right thing, when am I going to get that ideal job, why don’t I have more friends… and so one.

As you may know, what we focus on gets bigger. So, as we put our awareness towards what is not right, we tend to see even more of that which is wrong. Our self-talk is a huge influence in how we create our lives, and when we think negative thoughts, we create more negative circumstances.

On the flip side of the coin, the more often we focus on the positive in our lives, such as our natural skills and gifts, friends, good health, the food, water and shelter we have, and so on, the more positive we become. This also cultivates more sustainable higher vibrations, leading to a higher propensity for joy and peace of mind.

I remember one of my clients focused on all the negative things happening with her personal finances. As we started coaching, she came to realize she had more money than she thought and now her main focus around money is positive!

What negative thoughts do you have in your own life or those who are close to you? In what way can you shift these thoughts into a more positive outlook?  Take action if you can, and if you can’t, then acknowledge your negative thoughts, intentionally let them go, and then start creating positive thoughts around that area of life.

If you need support with this process, or you have a goal you want to reach, consider hiring a coach! The coaching modality supports creating positive change in your life.

I am a certified life coach (12 years) and a certified financial coach (4 years), and have great success in supporting my clients’ reaching their goals.

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Here’s to more joy in your life!

Kate Heartsong


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Here’s to you and your joy!

Kate Heartsong