Now is the Time for Transformation

Excerpt from Kate Heartsong’s latest book:

Humanity’s Cry For Change – Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth

When we start with ourselves, we start with the world. For we are all in unity and connection.

The modality of how the majority of people live on the planet creates an illusion of separation. This was set up this way to embark on creating a journey back home to The Creator, through understanding and living the Oneness and unity perspective. For it is the experiencing of life that expands our souls and through expansion we become heightened in our capacity to love.

You choose your path in life, how to approach life, and how you perceive a person or situation, or how you see your life’s experiences.

Like clay, you are malleable. Your childhood cultural upbringing and beliefs formed you, as a sculptor forms a piece of clay into a unique shape. The sculptor’s hands shape the clay into a bowl, vase, or other objects. So, too, do you create the unique shape of who you are with your perceptions, values, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions. Many of these came from your childhood and may be created or changed throughout your lifetime, and further perpetuates the shape of you. Science has proved that the more often you think similar or same thoughts or verbalize these out loud, the more the brain’s neurons fire together and wire together.  This is, so to speak, the pottery of the mind. The clay is malleable until it is in its final shape, then it is put into the firing kiln. But is it in the final shape? Not really. Yes, the heat changes the clay’s physical and chemical attributes making it hard and not malleable.  However, subtle changes, such as scrapes, cracks, and chips, can occur over time.

You are indeed always creating yourself, whether it is done consciously or unconsciously. To optimize creating what you want, consciously create, that is. Do this by being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and words so you live more mindfully. We are powerful creators of our own lives. Quantum physics has proven many times that through our imagination, our actions, words and thoughts, we influence and create our lives.

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Kate Heartsong


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