So It Goes

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So it Goes!

A friend of mine’s son has a tattoo “So it goes”.  I love this saying!  To me this means “it is what it is” and to accept it.  Accepting things as they are is an effective and powerful way to live.  When we recognize things are as they are, and that it is happening as it is meant to be, we can cultivate inner peace or at least feel better about a situation, especially if we don’t like it and wish it to be different than it is.

Certainly, there are some situations that we can and are meant to change, but as you know, there are many situations or people in which we are not meant to change; it is not up to us to control the person or situation.

We know it does no good to resist what is!  In times of great upset – and we all have this from time to time – I tell myself it is what it is, and even if I WISH for it to be different, it is still going to remain the same. I say:  it’s not going to suddenly – POOF – change into what I want it to be just because I’m thinking it should be different! And who am I to dictate what I think it should be?  Truly, it’s best NOT to judge a situation or a person’s situation. In having this kind of conversation with myself, I find some solace.

I don’t suppress my upset about the person or situation; I allow it, but then go back to realizing “it is what it is” – “so it goes”.   I can’t change it; I would rather accept it and be with peace rather than resist and be upset.

I invite you to recognize any situations in your life that you don’t like and ask yourself:  is it meant for you to change?  Are you really in control of it?  If not, do your best to let go, let God, and accept what is.

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Many blessings to each of you always!

Kate Heartsong