Peace Within, Peace on Earth

Peace Within, Peace on Earth

What a crazy roller coaster ride we’re on!  With all the massive changes, energy shifts and disruption in many areas of the planet, and in our own lives, you may be feeling like me:  what’s all this about?   And how can I deal with all this?

The reason we’re experiencing so many changes and disruptions is due to our going through an  unprecedented evolutionary shift of mankind, and of Mother Earth.   Going into the Age of Aquarius. My newest book, Humanity’s Cry For Change explains in detail about this, and also offers key concepts we individually and collectively best take, in order to survive!

Here’s one key concept that you can take into your life now:  create peace within yourself.

I know!  This is much easier said than done!  However it is possible!    One way I use several times a day is to have gratitude.  There’s so many things to be grateful for, and this brings us into a higher emotional vibration.  Pause now and reflect on the blessings you have today in your life.  Now breath this into your entire body, heart and soul.  Immerse yourself in this positive feeling!  Do this several times a day.  It only takes 2 or 3 minutes, or be with it longer.

Of course, cultivating inner peace doesn’t mean to ignore upsets.  It’s important to feel, process and then release upsets, challenges and then go back to your tools and practices to get centered and feel peaceful once again.

As you create more peace in yourself you are also adding positive energy/vibrations to the collective consciousness.  Imagine with me:  what if 100 million or 900 million, or a billion people do their own inner work to create inner peace.  Wow!  That’s a lot of positive energy added to humanity’s consciousness!   So, you see, one person does make a positive difference towards creating peace on earth!  When enough of us are on board doing this, we do cultivate that which all of us are yearning for:  a more peaceful earth, which is what the Age of Aquarius – the new earth –  is all about!

This holiday season – and for always ! –  I wish for you the inner peace you crave, to be cultivated, and sustained as much as possible!

Peace within, peace on earth!

Kate Heartsong 

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