Supporting Ourselves

Do you know that you can support others better when you first support yourself?  Ah!  Yes indeed, we can give to others after we “fill our own cup”.    There’s a wonderful analogy I share with my clients and audiences on this topic:   Imagine you have a pitcher full of water, and you pour your water into 6 glasses, emptying your pitcher.  How can you fill any more glasses?  You can’t until you fill your pitcher up again.

What ways to do support yourself?  Are you kind with yourself through positive self-talk?  Do you treat yourself to doing activities you enjoy?  When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see if you’re living your life in alignment with your values?

For example, perhaps you value being connected with your friends yet you are a work-aholic?  Maybe you desire to connect but somehow don’t make the time to honor yourself.

I love music and dance, and last winter I realized I was not honoring this passion of mine because I just wasn’t going out to do this activity.  Thank goodness for my awareness, because I made the decision to honor this part of my life, and now am going out more often having a super time.

My invitation to you is to check in with yourself and your values and beliefs, and do an honest assessment of how you life your life in relation to your values.  If you are not in integrity with living your life in alignment with your values, what can you do to change that?  When you do, you’ll feel better, positively support yourself and be able to support others.

It all starts with you!

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Kate Heartsong


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