Prayer for the New Earth

I’m honored to be the messenger of the profound and insightful messages that help you to better navigate the upheavals and challenging times we have, and explains why we’re going through this individually and collectively.  It’s from my latest book Humanity’s Cry for Change. This book came about through my channeling its wisdom for our current shift.

I wanted to share with you this poem, which comes from this loving book.

Prayer for the New Earth
by Kate Heartsong

May we come to know
The vibrancy and delight
Of our authentic selves
Fulfilling our true destiny

May the light of our love
Shine in our eyes
Looking upon all creation
Knowing we are all one united

May we know in our hearts
True inner peace and joy
Radiating this out as kindness and laughter
To all our brothers and sisters

May we honor and respect
Our dear Mother Earth
For the abundance she shares so freely
Sustaining our bodies, hearts, and souls

May we come to know
In our lifetime, the experience of
The love, peace, and joy of the new earth
That is the birthright of humanity
— Kate Heartsong

Remember the greatness of who you are!

Kate Heartsong

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