Alignment With Mother Earth

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With all the chaos and increasing upheaval on the planet, I would like to share with you the following excerpt from my book Humanity’s Cry For Change, from the chapter called Alignment With Mother Earth.   This will help you better understand why we individually and collectively are experiencing the huge shifts and challenges today.  My desire is to offer you hope to know that there can be—and I believe there IS—light at the end of the tunnel. You may want to read the whole book to understand why.

“To increase individuals and also the collective consciousness’ vibrations, many outdated systems are breaking down, such as the financial system. They cannot stay in place in the midst of these higher vibrations. The new earth can best house living organisms that match what is now becoming increasingly common, that of higher vibrations such as love and harmony. The old paradigms of the Pisces age (aggression, competition, war and separateness consciousness) cannot live in the new environment because it does not fit. The two vibrational types (higher vibrations and lower vibrations) are not compatible with each other, and “bump up” against each other, because they are not of the same vibration. Mother Earth’s vibration is increasingly becoming of a higher frequency, and this vibratory change is such that it cannot comfortably house life that is not in harmony with her anymore (that is, is not in a similar frequency level as hers). Mother Earth is becoming less tolerant of her mistreatment. She is expelling out— throwing up—the parts that cannot be “digested”, causing increased occurrences of hurricanes, extreme bad weather, massive fires, earthquakes, and other disruptive weather patterns.
Be encouraged, however, to know there are effective actions you can take to make positive change. Some actions you can take are in section three of this book.”

There is much we each can gain when we do our own personal work, healing, growth. When we do, we also contribute to the collective consciousness’ positive vibrations!

Remember that you DO make a positive difference!


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