Live from Heart Space to Reduce Ego and Mind Chatter (3 of 3)

(Continued from part 2 of 3)    Live from heart space (love):  this allows more direct access to the All That Is. It allows for a more direct conduit to the calm quiet of infinite information. It’s a lifeline to the unity (Oneness) of all life; you can better feel and live by Oneness when living in heart, for it’s the connector of the human 3D life to the infinite/true reality (which comprises all dimensions/levels of consciousness); it’s through the “live from heart space”  that brings you to the place of higher vibration (the highest being love). When you are living from heart, you are living in an arena of love, and it’s because of this, that you transcend above the ego/mind. It’s a natural outcome. This is why so much is being said now on your planet to live in the heart space, so you have the practical means by which to access love, to access higher vibration, resulting in a more awakened state of being. Through this the infrastructure underneath expands; there is more of the individualized aspects of the whole contributing to the collective consciousness in a loving way. That is, with more love/highest vibration being experienced by more people, more of the collective consciousness expands with more love; the channels of love become more dominant and peace prevails.

When living from heart, more higher vibration occurs throughout the planet. The more people doing this, the better. Humankind benefits. the cosmos benefits; wholeness is restored.

Awaken humanity to the love in your heart, for this is the way of the new earth. Live from your heart space, spreading the love; you will all benefit; there is a synergistic effect that’s imbedded/part of the collective consciousness in which you will benefit. Behold a great truth has been given to you to. Be of a clear and peaceful mind, that of being aware of self, leading to awareness of the whole, for they are one and the same.
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Dig deep into your tributaries, your soul, your beingness, to discover and then live in the truth of who you are. Once you do you will become all the more alive, vibrant, and be a full expression of your life; in this awakened state the whole will become all the more of its intended nature: that of a high vibration of love and peace.


Wholeness | Meditate and Live from Heart Space to Reduce Ego and Mind Chatter (2 of 3)

(Continued from part 1) How does one cultivate the perception, the awareness, the state of being, of being awake? Of the awareness of the depth of life, the real truth of how life exists – that of unity/connection? One can start by being aware of one’s own self and the different layers one has.  You can also meditate to bring more self-awareness.

Through tragedy, through pain, through difficult encounters in life, there is a vehicle by which people can and do “travel” into the deeper parts of themselves. It is via this experience that helps them have a better understanding of the different aspects of their beingness. Have you ever encountered someone who has been going through difficult times, who hasn’t grown and deepened from the experience? Think of all the times in your life that have given way to a better and deeper understanding of yourself, to a point of what’s called wisdom.

When a person goes through this experience – accelerated by having the willingness to explore and process – there is a deeper and better understanding of the connection within one’s self; the experience they are processing and a step towards becoming whole again. Integration of the experience into the whole is what is being described here. The fragments of the human expression is such that, although there is a wholeness (the undercurrent of life always existing) the various aspects of the person, the strength of certain personality traits, are in such combination as to facilitate and cultivate a certain arena, the arena being known as “that person’s particular life” (set of circumstances that define that person being who he is). Once those parts are integrated fully, the appreciation for one’s wholeness can increase. The understanding of one’s self is simply being aware of all different fragments/aspects of one’s self, some of the fragments being more dominant in one person than another. When all these fragments/aspects are put together, there is the much sought after wholeness. It’s sought after on an unconscious, instinctual level.

It’s through the process of what you know as life, that brings together the fragments into wholeness. This is why there is so much wisdom in older people: they’ve brought through their life’s experiences, fragments/pieces together to form a more whole picture from which they perceive and live life; it’s through this wholeness they can better live.
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There is a wholeness within wholeness, the All That Is that is expressed in each one. The analogy of the hologram describes this well. Once we can become more whole ourselves (expressing our unique combination of gifts and talents) then we are better able to put forth the attributes needed for the whole. Each of us are here for the reason of expressing our divine unique expression, the “who we are” combination. Without our contribution the whole is incomplete. We are contributors whether we’re aware of it or not. (continued on part 3 of 3 November 30).


Meditate and Live From Heart Space to Reduce Ego and Mind Chatter (1 of 3)

When we are awake and aware, we are more attuned to the whole, to the unity of life. We are more “plugged in” – not that we are not connected already, for each of us are, but we are more intentionally living. That is, it’s like a light switch: the electricity flowing is always there and always available to us, but we must consciously choose to turn on the switch to have the benefits of it (light). And in the case of plugging into Source, we are – to use the same word! – tapping into the light of God! Lovely synchronicity of words “source” and “light”. For this is indeed how it works! When you are able to intentionally tap into Source/God/Universe, you are accessing more of the All That Is (Oneness). Be aware here of the choice of words being used now. The “All That Is” contains everything and as you are plugged in, you access that portion of the All That Is that is in your frequency, your band width, the alignment into your own unique “soul” aspect that defines who you are in this incarnation.  There are also other band widths at the same time, allowing you to tap into others, if it’s appropriate for you to do so.  Meditate to help you tap into source.

With practice, meditation helps to deepen the access to more of the infinite knowledge, for it’s through meditation that there is a fluidity that’s achieved.  When you meditate, it’s easier for the mind to access more and also there is more fluidity when the mind is in a relaxed state, such as meditation and other quieting-of-the-mind techniques; it’s through this fluid state that the information the person “needs” to know can easier come forth. The more quiet and relaxed your mind is, the easier it is to access the All That Is information.

It is with great difficulty as people go through their lives with an unconscious way of living, not being “awake”; the mind gets caught up with circles of mind chatter, not being able to hear the information they have access to. And in this ego-driven state of being, there are difficulties encountered, for example, the experiences one has are through the superficial, outer shell perspective which encourages a sense of separateness. A person has the perception of the outer level of existence or the individual “capsules” of life; the appreciation for the unity (Oneness), the depth, the connection that actually exists on a deeper level isn’t there. It’s difficult to conceive this truth when living from the ego-centered life, the “separateness vantage view point”.  Learn more about Living from Heart Space on the next two parts of this blog.   (part 2 of 3 on Nov 28, 2012)   You can also go to
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Feeling Your Love Essence & Self-Love Tools (2 of 3)

Feeling Your Love Essence & Self-Love Tools (continued from part 1 Sept 18, 2012)  (watch the video here too!)     World peace is possible when all beings are in a state of connection to love energy, or love essence. This love energy is the highest vibrational form of the universe and for this reason, when most people experience this, a real positive change can occur, which can cultivate a more peaceful time on Mother Earth. It’s imperative humanity step up now to create love in their hearts and live from this space. Those who can live from this heart space, cultivating and living this love energy, can uphold it for others who are not capable, for example, those who are hurting and/or who never had the experience of love. For those who are hurting, their hurtful experiences have covered up the love essence, so it’s important to uncover and peel off the hurt experiences that tarnish the true love essence. Self-kindness, self-respect and self-support will help loosen up the old hurts and old wounds. Also, recognizing the good we have within ourselves is imperative to cultivate and maintain self-respect, self-love and self-kindness.


If you’re one of the people who are hurting and/or don’t have self-love, how do you get there? Start one day at a time, one moment at a time, building each day a little more. It can be as simple as looking into the mirror and saying “hi”, acknowledging yourself and appreciating yourself. Do this with as much sincerity as you can. Repeat this several times a day for as long as you can. In time, you will start feeling better about yourself and cultivate more self-love. If you find it’s difficult to gaze into the mirror with sincere self-appreciation and self-acknowledgment, then keep at it. In time, you will feel a positive difference.

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Simple phrases such as “I know you’re doing the best you can” or “You’re a wonderful person” or “You’re doing OK” will help. Say it with like you mean it. Even if the words are not sincere (that a person doesn’t yet believe them), using these thoughts and words start a pattern, and these patterns turn into truth. Physiologically it will change the neuron connections in your brain. In “time”, a change will be detected. Now in this year of 2012, the changes are happening much faster so the positive benefits of this mirror work is faster than in years past. No longer will it take a person years to shift and let go of old wounds, but rather, months.

Meditation also assists in feeling better about yourself, since it’s very calming and centering.  You’ll start feeling better about your day and about yourself.

Look for Part 3 coming soon!

The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 2 of 3

Part 2:

(to view related video, click here on “continue reading”) This evolutionary leap is inevitable. You can better live in harmony with the land by respecting Mother Earth (Gaia) in all things you do. Consider the whole when considering what steps to take, that is, what would be the most appropriate action to take that will have a positive impact on the whole. For example, you can form committees to understand the far reaching impact on all systems within an ecosystem. You can design systems that will optimize or work in harmony with, rather than hurt, another system. Understanding the full impact on all effected components will facilitate a better understanding and give a fuller, more complete picture of the whole.   In doing so, you can better harmonize and optimize the action step(s) you take. In this way there is a wholistic approach and this promotes harmony.  Taking this Oneness, wholistic approach is optimal for all involved because we are all interconnected.

Many systems are in place already that do this, through grass root movements and through some mainstream accepted practices. Unfortunately, there are many more companies not upholding these standards and it is to these companies we are to educate. Breaking down barriers in communication will help. It is to these companies that the changes are most needed, Monsanto being one of them. There is, on an energetic level, a breakdown of the old paradigm and slowly – continuing, yes, the exposure of the non-harmonious systems they’ve been upholding are being exposed. It’s through this that people are becoming even more aware and the discord, the uncomfortableness is increasing. It’s no accident that many current paradigms – ways of doing business – are being questioned and examined. A new generation of workers/people has come and continues to come forth to offer new, more harmonious ways of approaching how to do business and how to be in harmony with Gaia. This is why you see movements like Occupy Wall Street, why financial systems are breaking down, why up risings are occurring and why there’s so much questioning of existing systems. All of this is, of course, is supporting the entry into the new age, the new earth, the Aquarius age of humanity.
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(continue on August 27th – Part 3 of 3)


Missing Pieces and Oneness

Imagine what a puzzle would be like if there were some missing pieces.  It doesn’t look whole or complete right?  You can’t see the whole image either.  Using this analogy, imagine what life would be like without all the components that make up this planet.   Everything and everyone is important and vital to the whole.  Why?  Because all of life is interconnected.  Sometimes we don’t always know the purpose of someone or something.   Also, we don’t always understand or see the whole; this is simply because of the perspective we as humans have, which is, by design, a limited vantage point.  (If we were seeing from The Creator’s perspective, we would have the complete “consciousness vantage point” that enables a full perspective and thus understanding.)

Even though we don’t have this full understanding from our human consciousness vantage point, it’s greatly beneficial and imperative that we do understand the interconnection of life and live in this manner.  When we do, we put forth more kindness, respect, love and support to all of life and this ripples out to others, as well as comes back to us (what we put out comes back to us).   You see, it’s vital we live this concept of Oneness!

Enjoy this 3 minute You Tube video for more information on this.

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Kate Heartsong

Love Essence – Do you want to feel it ?!

Good Day to You! 

While going about my day-to-day life or in meditation or prayer, I focus on being in my heart space.  I set an intention at the beginning of the day to live from this place, and remind myself several times a day to live from this perspective.  I find it’s such a better way to be and to live !  In my book, Deeply We Are One, the chapter called Love Essence offers simple suggestions to invoke the love we have within, such as remembering a time that you felt so loved and cared for, and feel that feeling.  This can be done anytime, for it’s always within you!  Invoking the Love Essence helps me stay in my place of heart and I’m more joyful and peaceful! 

What ways do you find helps you to live in this place of heart?  What do you do for yourself to invoke the Love Essence that’s within you?

Here’s an idea while your meditating:  focus on your heart space and feel the warmth radiate from you all the way to Haiti !  Know this is bringing healing and love to all the people there.

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Love and joy to you!

Kate Heartsong, Joyful Radiance Center