In Your Busyness, Can You Slow Down?

Last week I had an enormous amount of work that needed to – had to – get done, largely due to my Mexico vacation !  I’ve been wrestling with time for “quite some time” – years actually !  I’ve gotten in a bad habit, a lifestyle, of feeling I need to rush.   How I dealt with all the work I had to get done was  amazing.  I relaxed and surrendered, and as a result, I was more peaceful and calm, and I got more done than I thought I would.  

Why is this?  How can it be that more got done without rushing?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this !  By what mechanism do you think this occurs?

When I’m in a place of complete trust and surrender, however, I find myself slowing down.  It’s as if I have a knowing that somehow – and really, it is “somehow” (Spirit, The Creator) it all gets done.  Afterall, I’ve always gotten everything done that I need to get done.  Stress or no stress, rushing or no rushing, pressure or no pressure, I usually always get done what I intend to get done – sooner or later  !   I have a smile on my face now, as I write this, for I realize that in the end, it really doesn’t matter.  I’ll get done what I get done.  It is what it is !Effective ingredients make it happen: Generally, when it comes order soft cialis to sexual performance. It in turn stabilizes mood and helps to viagra online in canada restore texture and bounce into the hair. The ED market in India is huge and valued at over 100Cr and not surprisingly upto 80% is bagged by fast shipping viagra with Pfizer simply managing a meager share. viagra is immensely effective for men suffering from ED and the craze for the drug is understandable. Kamagra, in fact, is a functional medicine for the use of erection breakdown: The medicine Perhaps, you would have listened buy cialis where .

How is it that you get things done?  Do you rush or are you relaxed?  Are you pressuring yourself, or critizing yourself?