Saving Time? Is That Even Possible? LOL

Do you find yourself rushing to get ready for the day? Running out of the house to meet someone and stressed because your hurrying yourself? Ah!  I know the feeling,  but fortunately I don’t do this as often as I used to

This morning though, before writing this article, I was rushing to get ready for the day, so I can get to my desk sooner because I have so many tasks to do for my business. I had a great meditation, but then, hurried through my shower, took less time for my daily morning yoga and didn’t have breakfast, all to “save time”.

Save time?!  What does that really mean?  To me it means rushing!  Because – yikes!  We can’t “save” time.  It goes along as it does.  It is what it is.

What I did instead of saving time, is I became a bit stressed.  Thankfully I became aware of this and in this awareness, I slowed down, took a couple of deep breaths and consciously shifted gears.  Long ago, I’ve come to realize if I rush, I stress myself.  Who needs that?!  No one!

What do you do to help yourself be aware of yourself, say for example,  for getting ready for the day? During your busy day at work, you may want to remind yourself to check in periodically with yourself and ask:

            Am I rushing?

            How do I really feel now?  Focused on work? Stressed?

            What is my body telling me now?

Being aware of ourselves and then shifting our pace or using positive self-talk to reduce stress are easy ways to create a more mindful and happy life.

Comment here to let me know what tools or tips you use to reduce stress and stop rushing.  I always love hearing from you!

Love and blessings to EACH of you!  May you have a productive and relaxed day!

Kate Heartsong

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