Time to Come Back! Joyful Presence

Joyful presence.  This is a “place” of being in the now.  What a time to be at!  Living in the now, in the very present moment is the real way to bring inner peace.  Surrendering and trusting helps bring me to this place of inner peace, and being aware and truly present also brings me to this inner peace.  Whenever I’m finding myself rushing (which is less and less now, I’m happy to say!), I stop.  I bring my awareness to the present situation where I’m at.  I recognize that I am here, in this joyful present moment.  For each moment is just what it is, each moment.  And where are we in each moment?  Right here!

I heard once a great saying:  It turns out now is the time I’ve been waiting for.

So, how about bringing yourself back to the present.  What does it look like for you when you are in the present moment, joyfully enjoying the inner peace that the present moment can bring?  How can you bring more of this into your life?  Let me know in what ways you bring yourself back to the present moment.

Blessings and an abundance of time and joyful presence to you!

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Kate Heartsong