Synergy of Individuals and Oneness-Part Two

A summary of Part One, posted July 23rd of my blog is: There’s a synergy, an activity that emerges as a result of all souls interacting with one another, to form a bigger “picture”, a bigger purpose. So while we are creating our own life (our incarnation) we are also creating a “bigger life” – a bigger picture if you will, of the intention of the whole of humanity.

Part Two

Remember, each of us are part of the larger “collection”/entity/organism. Each of us is a necessary component, a required piece of the whole. So it is with the oil spill and containment. It was/is necessary for this to have occurred so humanity has a flavor of the interconnectivity that life has. It represents the individual parts (animals, plants, oil, people, machinery) that, together, form a new “entity”: environmental catastrophe. This can be seen as an organism – in this case – an event – that can assist humanity up the ascension ladder, one rung at a time. When we dissect its impact we see it must be the elements, the individual components, that drive the whole new organism to a new place, to a new level of vibration. The fear, the anger, the protests to “what is”, coming to the surface in such a way as to allow the flow of humanity to break way to a new paradigm. This new paradigm being cooperation among all individual components, in the way that best serves the desired end result – that of restoring the area to its original/pre-oil spill condition and assisting humanity in recognizing Oneness and of course living and being in a state that honors this realization of the interconnectivity of life. This is demonstrated by a variety of ways, such as being respectful and kind to others and ourselves. It also includes considering what the entity’s impact (for example, the oil company) is going to be on everything and to make changes as needed to make that impact effect everything in a way that’s for the highest and best good for all and to avoid making monetary gains a priority. I realize that as I go about my daily life that I have an impact on others. Some of the actions I take include thinking positive thoughts, meditating, considering the environment, being kind and respectful to others and reminding myself of the wonderful interconnectivity of life. In what ways are you mindful of the impact you have on your surrounding environment and people? Please share your thoughts.


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Kate Heartsong