Feeling Your Love Essence & Self-Love Tools (3 of 3)

Feeling Your Love Essence and Self-Love Tools – Part 3 of 3 (watch the video here too!)

See with eyes of love, compassion, respect and caring, on yourself first, then to others! For you cannot see in another, or do unto another, until you have that within yourself first! Imagine being an airline pilot, sitting in the cockpit, with all the control buttons. If you’re not an airline pilot, then you don’t know what to do. It’s the same with emotions within: they can’t be shared with others until you yourself experience them and know them (like knowing what to do in a cockpit).

Once you know the cockpit and how to use buttons, then you can use them, and this causes the plane to fly. You’re invoking buttons, resulting in an effect (flying). Using this analogy regarding you, until you know love, compassion, respect and caring for yourself and within yourself, you can’t “cause” it, that is, you can’t share it and you can’t see it in another person.

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All of your outside environment/life, is an outpicturing of what’s inside of you. So this is why it’s so imperative to cultivate self-compassion, self-love, self-respect and self-honor. Without it, interacting with others becomes hindered (if you want harmonious interactions with others). The ego fights its way for dominance. The ego of another does the same. This is what happens with abrasive relationships. The heart is closed and the ego is in control. To lessen this ego battle, love must come through. Love propels and uplifts the essence of one’s beingness so the ego is not so controlling.

People with like vibration flock together, so opening one’s heart will bring in another heart-opened person. Like attracts like, so when you are living more from an open heart and in your heart space, those people in your life who are not living this way may fall away from your life. Know new people will come in!


Feeling Your Love Essence & Self-Love Tools (1 of 3)

(watch the video here too!)    Love is the answer to all, and it’s through the heart that the love essence, or love energy, flows. When you have love in your heart it emanates many yards out to those around you. You can feel the love within you when you practice going into your heart space. What does this mean? It means to focus on the feeling of love and intending to feel this feeling.

You can invoke this love essence feeling simply by thinking of something or someone that makes you feel good, such a fond memory of someone, self-appreciation, a joyful event or a special place such as the mountains or the ocean. Think of this person, location or activity and focus on it gently, continuing to think about it. The great thing about this is that the mind doesn’t know the difference between the real thing or the thought of it! Once you are in this space, you are invoking a higher vibrational field within yourself. As you do so, it creates a current or a stream of consciousness emanating forth from you. The electromagnetic field which eminates from your heart is amplified when you’re in this heart space and the “love essence” flows out many more yards than it would otherwise. You’re “touching” many around you. Your heart, in this higher vibrational state, is open, pouring forth the love energy, which is the most elemental component (highest of the vibrations) of the universe. In this state, you’re feeling bliss, calm and peace.

It’s powerful to do this in groups as well, for the combination effects are high. Group meditations are highly powerful because of the “concentrated” amount of love energy being put forth at the same time in close proximity of one another. You can form a group of several people, calling forth an intention. In doing so, the synergy of each person’s intention, coupled with the actual love essence flowing through, creates a strong “field” in which the vibration of the whole (all people) is higher; increasing the “feeding” off of each other in a beautiful harmony of dance. It is through this dance, the co-mingling of the many hearts’energy, that creates the synergy and a “pocket” of concentrated energy that becomes even higher in vibration. It’s as if you’re turning on a light switch, in which the group cohesiveness generates even more power. In this state, much can be created.

Look for Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon!
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Kate Heartsong


Synergy of Individuals and Oneness

The whole of human consciousness is such that it is in a creative flow for a certain outcome.  This outcome is being orchestrated (and already known) by the oversoul of each incarnate person.  So, we all have our own personal piece of the puzzle that contributes to the intricacies of the whole.  What is often overlooked is the fact that we come in with a certain agenda – plan – for the incarnation – and we believe we have a common flow of activities to reach.  But what actually happens is there’s a synergy, an activity that emerges as a result of all souls interacting with one another, to form a bigger “picture”, a bigger purpose.  So while we are creating our own life (our incarnation) we are also creating a “bigger life” – a bigger picture if you will, of the intention of the whole of humanity.  It is as if to say that the “whole”/bigger picture is an organism unto itself as the individual is an organism unto itself.  The two are parallel.  They match up in vibrational frequency when there are groups of people serving a similar or same function, for example, a rotary club or a church.  All people have the same agenda they are striving for.  And so, the vibrational match and the synergy is born. 

The same is true with humanity and also Mother Earth.  The consciousness of the whole planet combines, coagulates, coalescences with each other to form the whole.  The “whole” is the oneness we can perceive – the interconnection of the planetary life forms called humanity.  And it is in this collection of individual souls (what to you and I may appear as individual in this 3D world) that “go into” the mass, the larger organism.  Indeed this isn’t really quite the case but to put it into human terms so one may understand this concept of The One, we put it into this analogy so you may better understand its concept.

I believe two ways I contribute to the whole, to humanity, is by maintaining my inner peace and also by being kind and respectful to others.  There is a wonderful ripple effect, a radiance, that comes forth from me to others and this contributes to the collective consciousness in a positive way!

In what ways do you feel you contribute to the whole?  In what ways are you maintaining inner peace?

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Kate Heartsong