Tools to Calm Down in the Midst of Big Change

My hope is that each are you are healthy, physically and emotionally!

We are in the midst of very trying times on the planet with this corona virus. Here, you will read some techniques that will support you through this.

Before I do, I’m very excited to share with all of you that I my second book will be coming out about June 2020! This is why I have not sent out my monthly enewsletters for a while. My apologies for this; I hope you understand. (Remember you can always go to my website to read my previous blogs.)

My forthcoming book talks about what is happening on earth and with humanity today, and why humanity needs to change. It answers the question—and offers solutions—to why humanity is now experiencing increased discord, unrest and also violence. The reason is humanity is going through another evolutionary leap—a new earth—and we are here with this new 26,000 year cycle.

My book describes that in order for humanity to survive, we must shift from believing we are separate, to knowing we are all interconnected. I site several scientific studies demonstrating the interconnection of life.

The solution to save humanity is to act now, and one way is through using a variety of exercises and activities shared in my new book. These are designed to help individuals do their healing work, open their hearts, increase their vibration, understand we are all interconnected and more. Suggestions of what organizations and companies can do are also part of my book.

So if you are ready to receive hope on creating a new earth and to discover how you can contribute to making positive change for yourself, those around you and on our whole planet, you will want to read my new book. I will keep you posted through this enewsletter on the name of the book and its launch date.
Here are simple and effective techniques you can use to calm yourself during this corona virus storm:

Acknowledge your feelings, process through them and then release them! We all have fear from time to time. The important thing is to acknowledge them (don’t ignore them!), AND THEN process them and release them.  Then focus on the positive. Remember, what we focus on becomes bigger.

Be in the present moment more than ever! Doing this helps you focus on what blessings you DO have now in your life. It helps you also to not worry as much about the future.

Count your blessings.Write down or think about 3 life conveniences you still have (electricy in your home still turns on, your car still works, you have supportive friends, and so on).
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Do something productive at your home.Catch up with old paperwork or finish that project you started last year. This helps you continue to feel you are contributing something and support keeping your mind in the present moment.

Here’s one of the many exercises I have in my soon to be published book:

Love Essence
You can practice a morning meditation, focusing on your heart space and having a remembrance of a “love” experience. Love experiences do not mean sexual, but rather, of a warmth and bliss of love, such as what you would feel with a loved one, like as mother or dear friend, or a pet. Have a sense of appreciation and love. Breath this into your whole being. Now, use your imagination that you are pleasantly saturated in this love essence. Set an intention to carry this feeling with you during the day.

Similar to this love experience meditation just described, you can bring forth your own love essence from within, then intentionally send this out. This not only raises your vibration, but assists those close to you, and as you know by now, contributes to the collective consciousness’ state of being. How do you tap into your love essence? One way is that you can imagine a beautiful nature scene, or remember the smell of something pleasing, or act as if you are with someone you love and trust. Closing your eyes, invoke one of these suggestions, and bring it into your heart. Feel it and be with it for a few minutes.


And by the way, happy spring to you! Know that new life IS emerging.

Love and light to each of you!

Kate Heartsong

Copyright © Catherine Sanks aka Kate Heartsong Joyful Radiance  ©

The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 3 of 3

Part 3

(To view related video, click on “continue reading”) It’s up to each person to get into alignment, move towards, live in tandem with, the “new order”, the “new way of life”; alignment and harmony, respect of Mother Earth (Gaia) and of all of life, so to optimize living together and with humanity’s host (Gaia).  The new order of the planet and of humanity requires (it cannot not happen) the harmony, the gestalt, the “in tandem-type” living. Life on the planet will not survive otherwise.  Humanity is intricately interconnected with (Oneness) Gaia and with all of the universe.

This is why now the old systems are breaking down; they can’t stay in place in the midst of the vibratory environment that’s ever changing, the change that’s due to the imminent shift. The new environment can only best house those living organisms that fit/match the vibration that is now the predominant one (which is a higher vibration now). The old can’t live in the new environment because it doesn’t fit. It rubs up against the higher vibration because it’s not the same vibration anymore. Gaia’s changes are such that it can’t comfortably house life that’s not in harmony with it anymore. It has come to a place of less and less tolerance of the mistreatment to Her. She is expelling out that which doesn’t jive, like throwing up the parts that can’t be digested. Gaia’s having a harder time dealing with those parts that are disrespecting her.
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Now is the time to make positive changes, to honor and respect all of life; to live in the state of Oneness, Unity, and to remember that what you put out comes back to you because we are all interconnected with each other, with Gaia and with all of the universe.


The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 2 of 3

Part 2:

(to view related video, click here on “continue reading”) This evolutionary leap is inevitable. You can better live in harmony with the land by respecting Mother Earth (Gaia) in all things you do. Consider the whole when considering what steps to take, that is, what would be the most appropriate action to take that will have a positive impact on the whole. For example, you can form committees to understand the far reaching impact on all systems within an ecosystem. You can design systems that will optimize or work in harmony with, rather than hurt, another system. Understanding the full impact on all effected components will facilitate a better understanding and give a fuller, more complete picture of the whole.   In doing so, you can better harmonize and optimize the action step(s) you take. In this way there is a wholistic approach and this promotes harmony.  Taking this Oneness, wholistic approach is optimal for all involved because we are all interconnected.

Many systems are in place already that do this, through grass root movements and through some mainstream accepted practices. Unfortunately, there are many more companies not upholding these standards and it is to these companies we are to educate. Breaking down barriers in communication will help. It is to these companies that the changes are most needed, Monsanto being one of them. There is, on an energetic level, a breakdown of the old paradigm and slowly – continuing, yes, the exposure of the non-harmonious systems they’ve been upholding are being exposed. It’s through this that people are becoming even more aware and the discord, the uncomfortableness is increasing. It’s no accident that many current paradigms – ways of doing business – are being questioned and examined. A new generation of workers/people has come and continues to come forth to offer new, more harmonious ways of approaching how to do business and how to be in harmony with Gaia. This is why you see movements like Occupy Wall Street, why financial systems are breaking down, why up risings are occurring and why there’s so much questioning of existing systems. All of this is, of course, is supporting the entry into the new age, the new earth, the Aquarius age of humanity.
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(continue on August 27th – Part 3 of 3)


The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 1 of 3

Part 1
(To view related video, click here on “continue reading”) The time is coming near when all of life will be in sync with The One. There has been, for thousands of years, a disconnect; this was an evolutionary phase and of course a necessary one. But now, humanity is once again in a new evolutionary phase, a necessary leap into a new age, The Age of Aquarius. In all evolutionary phases there are growth pains, changes in the paradigm. Change is not always easy for humans but change is necessary.

There are a great many changes happening on our planet. Mother Earth (Gaia) goes through evolutionary leaps as well, for she is a living organism, no different than any other life form – other than (from your perspective) – size. There are many areas of growth and regeneration, shifts, expansion and changes inherent in a living organism such as Gaia. Due to the inherent interconnection (Oneness, Unity) and the intricacies between Gaia and humanity, naturally, humans go through the growing pains that Gaia goes through. This is felt by the masses, unconsciously by most, conscious for some. When we can be in more harmony with Gaia in her changes, we as a species can flow with life easier.

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You as humanity can reap the bounty of Gaia’s gifts (food, plants, etc.) in a more efficient way when you live in proper alignment. What is “proper alignment”? It is living from the land with reverence and with respect. When you live from this perspective, then naturally a lifestyle conducive to reaping Gaia’s benefits in an efficient, optimal manner, occurs. It is from this efficient, optimal manner that allows all of Gaia’s inhabitants to survive in an easy, bountiful way. Currently this is not the case. Millions of people struggle for the basic of life’s necessities. When life as a whole lives and honors Gaia in a respectful manner, there is naturally efficiency and an increased production of food.

Sustainability and permaculture are becoming more popular because of the necessity of going back to living in harmony with – not against – Gaia. If humanity can do this on a worldwide scale all people will thrive, having enough food and water.  There is a need to understand the interconnection, the Oneness, that is inherent in the relationship between Gaia and humanity, and for that matter, all of life!

(to be continued – look for the next blog on August 24th)

Missing Pieces and Oneness

Imagine what a puzzle would be like if there were some missing pieces.  It doesn’t look whole or complete right?  You can’t see the whole image either.  Using this analogy, imagine what life would be like without all the components that make up this planet.   Everything and everyone is important and vital to the whole.  Why?  Because all of life is interconnected.  Sometimes we don’t always know the purpose of someone or something.   Also, we don’t always understand or see the whole; this is simply because of the perspective we as humans have, which is, by design, a limited vantage point.  (If we were seeing from The Creator’s perspective, we would have the complete “consciousness vantage point” that enables a full perspective and thus understanding.)

Even though we don’t have this full understanding from our human consciousness vantage point, it’s greatly beneficial and imperative that we do understand the interconnection of life and live in this manner.  When we do, we put forth more kindness, respect, love and support to all of life and this ripples out to others, as well as comes back to us (what we put out comes back to us).   You see, it’s vital we live this concept of Oneness!

Enjoy this 3 minute You Tube video for more information on this.

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Kate Heartsong

The Journey IS the Destination!

I encourage each of you to remember that each journey you embark upon always starts with the first step, then another…….  and that there are gifts along the way!  In fact this is often the very reason for your journey!

I’ve felt compelled to share the message of peace and oneness.  So much so that I wrote my first book Deeply We Are One and released it January 2010.  I spent most of my time the first part of this year (can it really be September already!?) learning about the publishing industry, marketing, and… more than anything else, learning more about me, like for example, just how much  resilience and determination I have (alot!).

I’ve assessed where I was at the beginning of my journey and where I am today, and I’m SO grateful to say I’ve received many gifts along the way.  The biggest one is that I’m even more trusting and more in a place of surrender to Spirit. You know how there’s a difference between knowing something intellectually, as compared to knowing it through your heart and therefore really living and feeling it?  Well, that’s the biggest gift I’ve received from this journey of mine!  I’m SO grateful, for I have even more peace and joy in my life and really know that everything is working out for the best.

And I have the greatest joy in sharing my deepened peace and joy with others and to be more of service to others.  My passion is to assist others in recognizing their absolute magnificent selves, uplifting their self-image, creating peace and to understand the interconnectivity of life!

So…now I continue with my Joyful Work (this is what I call it when I’m working on my book launch campaign on Amazon – which is, by the way, October 19th!)  and am happy to say things are starting to come together!  Oh my!!!  What a journey I’m on!

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I wish for you great travels on your journey and invite you to share with me here what gifts you’ve learned or are learning and what advise you have!


Kate Heartsong

Synergy of Individuals and Oneness

The whole of human consciousness is such that it is in a creative flow for a certain outcome.  This outcome is being orchestrated (and already known) by the oversoul of each incarnate person.  So, we all have our own personal piece of the puzzle that contributes to the intricacies of the whole.  What is often overlooked is the fact that we come in with a certain agenda – plan – for the incarnation – and we believe we have a common flow of activities to reach.  But what actually happens is there’s a synergy, an activity that emerges as a result of all souls interacting with one another, to form a bigger “picture”, a bigger purpose.  So while we are creating our own life (our incarnation) we are also creating a “bigger life” – a bigger picture if you will, of the intention of the whole of humanity.  It is as if to say that the “whole”/bigger picture is an organism unto itself as the individual is an organism unto itself.  The two are parallel.  They match up in vibrational frequency when there are groups of people serving a similar or same function, for example, a rotary club or a church.  All people have the same agenda they are striving for.  And so, the vibrational match and the synergy is born. 

The same is true with humanity and also Mother Earth.  The consciousness of the whole planet combines, coagulates, coalescences with each other to form the whole.  The “whole” is the oneness we can perceive – the interconnection of the planetary life forms called humanity.  And it is in this collection of individual souls (what to you and I may appear as individual in this 3D world) that “go into” the mass, the larger organism.  Indeed this isn’t really quite the case but to put it into human terms so one may understand this concept of The One, we put it into this analogy so you may better understand its concept.

I believe two ways I contribute to the whole, to humanity, is by maintaining my inner peace and also by being kind and respectful to others.  There is a wonderful ripple effect, a radiance, that comes forth from me to others and this contributes to the collective consciousness in a positive way!

In what ways do you feel you contribute to the whole?  In what ways are you maintaining inner peace?

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Kate Heartsong

Time to Come Back! Joyful Presence

Joyful presence.  This is a “place” of being in the now.  What a time to be at!  Living in the now, in the very present moment is the real way to bring inner peace.  Surrendering and trusting helps bring me to this place of inner peace, and being aware and truly present also brings me to this inner peace.  Whenever I’m finding myself rushing (which is less and less now, I’m happy to say!), I stop.  I bring my awareness to the present situation where I’m at.  I recognize that I am here, in this joyful present moment.  For each moment is just what it is, each moment.  And where are we in each moment?  Right here!

I heard once a great saying:  It turns out now is the time I’ve been waiting for.

So, how about bringing yourself back to the present.  What does it look like for you when you are in the present moment, joyfully enjoying the inner peace that the present moment can bring?  How can you bring more of this into your life?  Let me know in what ways you bring yourself back to the present moment.

Blessings and an abundance of time and joyful presence to you!

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Kate Heartsong