Joyful Radiance, Oneness and Gratitude!

What great blessings I’ve been experiencing!  I attended the Hay House Writer’s Cruise in June, where I met many wonderful authors and also attended valuable workshops offered on this cruise.  I’m so grateful to Hay House Publishing for offering this!  It’s not surprising, yet I’m still in awe, of the variety of important messages that are being shared by the many gifted authors I met.  Their messages vary, yet they also have one thing in common:  assisting people and therefore humanity in a most positive way!  And isn’t it magnificent to know there are so many ways Spirit (God) offers us reminders of who we really are, which is we are divine nature, and that we live with more peace, joy, abundance, love and authenticity when we live from this knowing?  There’s a wonderful ripple effect (joyful radiance) to others, offering a positive influence to humanity, since we’re all one connected.  Oneness and Unity!

 I also traveled to Capital Reef, Utah the first part of July, camping with others in the Dances of Universal Peace dance camp, where our hearts easily open with each other, singing and dancing praises to Spirit, Mother Earth and the world.  In doing this, we help spread peace and love throughout humanity, for as you well know, what we have inside of us contributes to the collective consciousness.  Absolute bliss, being here with our dear Mother Earth, fellow peace dancers and with Spirit.

 I love my spiritual practices of meditation, singing, dancing, contemplation and just being in nature, as well as the gift of being with others on a similar path as I, like my fellow Hay House Cruise authors and peace dancers.  These practices help me stay centered in my busy life.  Without them, I’m more scattered and less joyful.  I realize the vital importance of staying centered through my spiritual practices, especially now with all the changes we as humanity are going through!

Please share with me what spiritual practices you use to help you remember the divine being that you are and assisting yourself in getting/staying centered.  I invite you to embrace them and consistently use them!

I wish for each of you the blessings of remembering who you really are, an absolutely beautiful divine being here to express your unique gifts and talents to the world.  Remembering this will assist you in being authentic, which facilitates living a more peaceful and joyful life!  Joyful radiance!

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Check out some pictures from the dances and the cruise from the photo albums on my Facebook page here:


Kate Heartsong

Our Divine Nature and Oneness

Have you ever contemplated the meaning of Oneness?  I have, and it seems so simple to me now, but at one time, it wasn’t to clear to me.  I enjoy describing oneness  in a simple way:   Since The Creator (God) creates all, and since we are created from this one source of life, all of life is connected, on a deep level, with everything.   How can it be otherwise?  There is only one source of all life. 

Also consider, that The Creator is divine, and since we are created from this source, this means we are divine.  It is our very nature to be divine.  When we can remember this, we can better create and sustain inner peace and this radiates out to others.  Imagine a whole world of people feeling and knowing their divine nature!  There would be more people who are happy!

One way that I am reminded of my divine nature and the interconnectivity of life is when I’m in nature.  What can you do for yourself today to remember your divine nature and that you are connected with all of life? 


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Kate Heartsong

How to Find Inner Peace

As I enjoy this most glorious spring-like weather in Colorado, I find it easy to find inner peace.  When I’m in this place of calm, I have a better way of understanding myself and my divine nature, and I am better able to feel the interconnectivity with life. 

But what about when a person is busy and getting all caught up with so much to do?  I sure know how that feels, but fortunately, in the past year or so, I’ve become much more aware of myself and how I react towards “too much to do”.  I have found much more inner peace as a result of relaxing with time.  So, even though it’s easy to have inner peace on such a beautiful day while taking a walk in nature, I am now much more able to create inner peace when I’m in my “doing” mode.    I pause when I find myself being too busy and recenter myself.

What do you do to bring yourself back to feeling/being inner peace?  What suggestions can you share that can help bring a person back into presence, and a bit away from “being too busy”?  

Many blessings to you on your journey,

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Kate Heartsong

Oneness Consciousness

Oneness consciousness – being aware of the interconnectivity of all of life, living mindfully, that is, consciously.  Living our life from a place of reverence for all of life, being respectful, supportive, understanding, peaceful and loving towards others and towards ourselves.  Creating harmonious interactions with others, animals, plants, our Mother Earth…….

Bringing our gifts to the world and offering ourselves from a place of authenticity. 

What is your definition of Oneness Consciousness?  Would LOVE to know  🙂


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Kate Heartsong