Will You Help Bring in the New Earth?

I’m honored to be a messenger about the evolutionary shift humanity is going through right now. In order for us individually and collectively bring in a more loving, respectful, peaceful, kind and harmonious humanity, which includes knowing we’re all interconnected and respecting Mother Earth, each of us CAN contribute! Following is an excerpt from my latest book Humanity’s Cry for Change. Together we CAN make a positive difference in our lives and for humanity!

To reach the new earth more effectively and easily, it is best to implement the following:

  • Go with the predominant changes occurring with the evolutionary shift happening worldwide. Those who resist this shift will have a harder time adapting to the new environment.
  • Work on your own personal healing (on your own and/or with a professional). As you address, process, release and thus heal, from any childhood trauma, unresolved upsets and/or life challenges, you clear out negativity and you bring in positivity.  On all levels of your being, you are healthier and energetically lighter.  This results in your capacity to live a more joyful, harmonious and peaceful life, as well as having a higher level of consciousness. 
  • Live from the higher vibrational emotions such as love, kindness and respect, versus lower vibrational emotions such as anger, jealousy or hatred. (Everything in the universe, including emotions, have a certain level of vibration. “Higher” and “lower” here refers to the level of vibration).
  • By living authentically and in alignment with their individual true essence, people will experience a more optimal life. This means to genuinely live in a way that honors their true character and offering their real gifts and talents. 
  • Come to understand and know that all life is interconnected. When people achieve this understanding and knowing of how life is, they naturally respect all forms of life, resulting in increased collaboration, kindness, peace and harmony throughout humanity.
  • To effectively bring in the new earth requires considering all components of a system that are affected, including when creating a new organization, business, construction project, or community organization. It also requires successfully implementing policies and procedures to support equity for, and inclusion of, the diverse employees as well as the clients or customers of any organization.

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Wishing you empowerment and joy!

Kate Heartsong

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