Will You Help Bring in the New Earth?

I’m honored to be a messenger about the evolutionary shift humanity is going through right now. In order for us individually and collectively bring in a more loving, respectful, peaceful, kind and harmonious humanity, which includes knowing we’re all interconnected and respecting Mother Earth, each of us CAN contribute! Following is an excerpt from my latest book Humanity’s Cry for Change. Together we CAN make a positive difference in our lives and for humanity!

To reach the new earth more effectively and easily, it is best to implement the following:

  • Go with the predominant changes occurring with the evolutionary shift happening worldwide. Those who resist this shift will have a harder time adapting to the new environment.
  • Work on your own personal healing (on your own and/or with a professional). As you address, process, release and thus heal, from any childhood trauma, unresolved upsets and/or life challenges, you clear out negativity and you bring in positivity.  On all levels of your being, you are healthier and energetically lighter.  This results in your capacity to live a more joyful, harmonious and peaceful life, as well as having a higher level of consciousness. 
  • Live from the higher vibrational emotions such as love, kindness and respect, versus lower vibrational emotions such as anger, jealousy or hatred. (Everything in the universe, including emotions, have a certain level of vibration. “Higher” and “lower” here refers to the level of vibration).
  • By living authentically and in alignment with their individual true essence, people will experience a more optimal life. This means to genuinely live in a way that honors their true character and offering their real gifts and talents. 
  • Come to understand and know that all life is interconnected. When people achieve this understanding and knowing of how life is, they naturally respect all forms of life, resulting in increased collaboration, kindness, peace and harmony throughout humanity.
  • To effectively bring in the new earth requires considering all components of a system that are affected, including when creating a new organization, business, construction project, or community organization. It also requires successfully implementing policies and procedures to support equity for, and inclusion of, the diverse employees as well as the clients or customers of any organization.

Would love you to post your comments here.

Wishing you empowerment and joy!

Kate Heartsong

©Copyright Joyful Radiance, LLC Kate Heartsong

The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 3 of 3

Part 3

(To view related video, click on “continue reading”) It’s up to each person to get into alignment, move towards, live in tandem with, the “new order”, the “new way of life”; alignment and harmony, respect of Mother Earth (Gaia) and of all of life, so to optimize living together and with humanity’s host (Gaia).  The new order of the planet and of humanity requires (it cannot not happen) the harmony, the gestalt, the “in tandem-type” living. Life on the planet will not survive otherwise.  Humanity is intricately interconnected with (Oneness) Gaia and with all of the universe.

This is why now the old systems are breaking down; they can’t stay in place in the midst of the vibratory environment that’s ever changing, the change that’s due to the imminent shift. The new environment can only best house those living organisms that fit/match the vibration that is now the predominant one (which is a higher vibration now). The old can’t live in the new environment because it doesn’t fit. It rubs up against the higher vibration because it’s not the same vibration anymore. Gaia’s changes are such that it can’t comfortably house life that’s not in harmony with it anymore. It has come to a place of less and less tolerance of the mistreatment to Her. She is expelling out that which doesn’t jive, like throwing up the parts that can’t be digested. Gaia’s having a harder time dealing with those parts that are disrespecting her.
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Now is the time to make positive changes, to honor and respect all of life; to live in the state of Oneness, Unity, and to remember that what you put out comes back to you because we are all interconnected with each other, with Gaia and with all of the universe.


The Shift: Age of Aquarius and Oneness Part 1 of 3

Part 1
(To view related video, click here on “continue reading”) The time is coming near when all of life will be in sync with The One. There has been, for thousands of years, a disconnect; this was an evolutionary phase and of course a necessary one. But now, humanity is once again in a new evolutionary phase, a necessary leap into a new age, The Age of Aquarius. In all evolutionary phases there are growth pains, changes in the paradigm. Change is not always easy for humans but change is necessary.

There are a great many changes happening on our planet. Mother Earth (Gaia) goes through evolutionary leaps as well, for she is a living organism, no different than any other life form – other than (from your perspective) – size. There are many areas of growth and regeneration, shifts, expansion and changes inherent in a living organism such as Gaia. Due to the inherent interconnection (Oneness, Unity) and the intricacies between Gaia and humanity, naturally, humans go through the growing pains that Gaia goes through. This is felt by the masses, unconsciously by most, conscious for some. When we can be in more harmony with Gaia in her changes, we as a species can flow with life easier.

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You as humanity can reap the bounty of Gaia’s gifts (food, plants, etc.) in a more efficient way when you live in proper alignment. What is “proper alignment”? It is living from the land with reverence and with respect. When you live from this perspective, then naturally a lifestyle conducive to reaping Gaia’s benefits in an efficient, optimal manner, occurs. It is from this efficient, optimal manner that allows all of Gaia’s inhabitants to survive in an easy, bountiful way. Currently this is not the case. Millions of people struggle for the basic of life’s necessities. When life as a whole lives and honors Gaia in a respectful manner, there is naturally efficiency and an increased production of food.

Sustainability and permaculture are becoming more popular because of the necessity of going back to living in harmony with – not against – Gaia. If humanity can do this on a worldwide scale all people will thrive, having enough food and water.  There is a need to understand the interconnection, the Oneness, that is inherent in the relationship between Gaia and humanity, and for that matter, all of life!

(to be continued – look for the next blog on August 24th)

Missing Pieces and Oneness

Imagine what a puzzle would be like if there were some missing pieces.  It doesn’t look whole or complete right?  You can’t see the whole image either.  Using this analogy, imagine what life would be like without all the components that make up this planet.   Everything and everyone is important and vital to the whole.  Why?  Because all of life is interconnected.  Sometimes we don’t always know the purpose of someone or something.   Also, we don’t always understand or see the whole; this is simply because of the perspective we as humans have, which is, by design, a limited vantage point.  (If we were seeing from The Creator’s perspective, we would have the complete “consciousness vantage point” that enables a full perspective and thus understanding.)

Even though we don’t have this full understanding from our human consciousness vantage point, it’s greatly beneficial and imperative that we do understand the interconnection of life and live in this manner.  When we do, we put forth more kindness, respect, love and support to all of life and this ripples out to others, as well as comes back to us (what we put out comes back to us).   You see, it’s vital we live this concept of Oneness!

Enjoy this 3 minute You Tube video for more information on this.

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Kate Heartsong